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Knit One, Tink One….


The Missus collects postcards.  So after I’d had a bit of a practise last weekend using scrap card, I dry embossed a postcard using the kit she gave me last weekend.  It was fun to make, and I can see myself using it a lot in the future to jazz up cards.

It was a shock to the system going back to work this week after two weeks holiday, so a tiny bit of retail therapy was in order for surviving the week……the purple is virgin wool….sooooooooo soft.  I had it on the computer table last night fondling and drooling over it when Lestat took an interest….maybe he though it was getting more attention than him (not true btw…it sits still and doesn’t block my view of the computer screen when it wants attention)….next thing I knew he had whopped it onto the floor, pounced on it and proceeded to kick the living daylights out of it with his back feet.  I took my life in my hands rescuing it!  Next time it sees the light of day it will be to make some mittens.

The other is sock yarn.  I love lairy socks….the brighter the better.  I couldn’t resist this today.  The Missus wanted to know why I needed another ball of sock yarn when I have one already at home.  After seven years of living with me, I thought the answer would be obvious.  lol


This is my first mitten…ever.  I’ve called the pattern Smallville.  It did start out as Fingerless Mitten Duo.  This lasted a whole fleeting moment.  I decided to have a go at making it in one piece instead of two.  My reasoning Gemini logic at the time was I’d be able to wear the mittens (yes, it will have a partner…eventually….if I don’t run out of yarn ripping it back) sooner because there would be less sewing.  This worked fine.  After a few false starts (and a threat to run it over like Conni does with her stitching when it doesn’t behave) I had four inches of rib. 

That is when I was sucked into an alternative reality and I was knitting something different than rib….The truth is I was watching engrossed in an end of season cliffhanger on Smallville….and I *coff* forgot to read the instructions to check for changes on the next row.  All is well though….as I had one toasty hand when the Missus and I went for a walk last night.  (There was only ONE crack about Michael Jackson’s glove. lol) I’m sure it will have a twin by the end of the week….especially when I remember it is knit one, pearl one…..NOT knit one row, pearl one row!  I did that three times before I figured out why it looked so different from the first one. lol