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I’ve Moved

Earlier today these words came out of my mouth “I hardly use any of the functions in WordPress and I prefer Blogger”  I thought about it today and made the decision to  move back over to Blogger.  I’m floating around at It’s kinda quiet and there’s no furniture yet, or curtains, but the neighbours are very friendly.  See you over there!!!!


Sharing The Joy….

I’ve been on summer holiday for an afternoon, The Missus for an hour, The Ashes are on at the WACA here in Perth, the Aussies are in with a chance and I’m enjoying it on the telly, the forecast for Christmas Day is a delightful 29 degrees C or 84 degrees F  and I’ve been singing with joy………Turn up your speakers and sing along with me!!!!


About 3.30pm, Western Australian Time, a brutal murder was committed, shocking residents of the sleepy settlement  Familyoom. 

The savage attack was witnessed by two well known, but reclusive residents.  Police have not been able to interview them, as the shock was so severe they were both rendered tweetless.  Tim Birdton is the director of the smash hit Budgie Smugglers.  He is seen here in the photo with his constant companion Wanda Wigglebottom, who shot to fame in the gut wrenching role of the seed addict in the movie “Millet”.

 The victim and her partner in happier times at the beginning of their relationship.

Police have charged a group of locals from the nearby settlement of Craftdrawer.  R. Cutter and Jan O. Me have been charged with the murder.  S. Ripper has been charged with being an accessory.  Rbish Bin has been charged with being accessory after the fact for her part in disposing of the body.

Ms R. Mug leaves behind two sisters – Mocha M. Rug; who gained instant celebrity status when the song Mug Rug by eccentric Australian singer MillyTant (which Mocha starred in) went viral last week on YouTube.  Her older sister, Cafe (who can be seen in the picture above), runs the family business Mug Rug Emporium.

Her partner Dotty (seen in the picture above), although bereft with grief, managed to speak to reporters outside her modest home at Kitchen Drawer.  “She was such a colourful character” sobbed Dotty.  “We loved going out and spending time with our friends Mug O’Tea and Piece O’Cake.  She will never be replaced in my heart.”

As the perpetrators of the crime were being led away, they declined to comment but were overheard saying to police that they didn’t know what came over them.  It had felt like a giant hand had reached out of the sky and was controlling them, making them rip and cut at Ms M. Rug’s body, then disembowling her until it lay in lifeless pieces.  A date has yet to be set for the trial.

A 21 Step Programme….

Or………..Teach Yourself How To Crochet 101.

1.  Collect all the crochet books you like and all the cute crochet hooks and accessories you can find.  Do this for a couple of years, all the time telling yourself most sincerely that you will learn to crochet “this weekend”, then start a new sewing project instead. 

2.  When you do eventually decide to start, get yourself comfy with a cup of tea and a comfy cushion behind your back, enthusiastically watch the instructional DVD twice from beginning to end, pick up your hook, then cuddle the cat, as he has chosen this moment to jump on your lap after showing no interest beforehand for hours.

3.  When the cat has gone, marvel how everything made sense on the DVD and for the first five minutes everything just  clicks into place.  Teaching yourself how to crochet isn’t going to be too hard at all!

4.  As a south paw, you decide teaching yourself how to crochet right handed makes much more sense than reverse engineering patterns forevermore.  Besides that, you taught yourself how to knit right handed….How hard can crochet be?  After all there is one hook instead of two needles.

5.  Promptly forget that you need to be aware that your right hand does all the work, not your left holding the yarn.  This leads to something which has more resemblance to a bowl of buck wheat noodles which have been through the spin cycle in the washing machine.

6.  Watch the relevant section of the DVD…..again.

7.  Have another cup of tea, with a chocolate chaser and wonder if holding two University degrees is really a sign of intelligence.

8.  Consider asking the truck driver making a delivery over the road to run backwards and forwards a few times over your yarn and hook with his ten wheeled rig.

9.  Completely ignore the DVD as you begin hooking again….Even though it is ready to go on the relevant section with the remore control in easy reach.

10.   Hook, rip, hook, rip.  Swear at the yarn and hook in such a way that it would make Father Jack cringe.

11.  Breathe in, breathe out…..

12.  Channel Jackie Chan’s Karate Kid style…..Put the hook under, put the hook behind, pull the hook through, put the hook under etc. etc.

13.  Wind the yarn around your little finger so it doesn’t flow freely.   Ignore the pain until your finger starts to turn purple and you are at risk of self-amputation.

14.  Stomp around the house looking for non-existent hooch.  Eye up the oranges in the fridge, wondering if you could substitute nail polish remover for vodka in a screwdriver.

15.  Decide the woman on the instructional DVD is on drugs.  It is the only possible explanation for the serene look on her face.  What on earth made you think learning to crochet might be fun???

16.  Settle back down with your hook and just as things are beginning to fall into place, answer the knock at the door…..Brandishing your crochet hook, threatening to remove the brains (Ancient Egyptian style) of the Foxtel salesman at the door.  Console yourself with the thought that you won’t be bothered by anyone from that company again for a very long time.

17.  Eat chocolate.

18.  Continue practise the foundation chain using the ball of acrylic which came with the DVD, even though it is splitting, matted mess. 

19.   Take the ball of yarn into  the back garden, dig a deep hole, toss the ball in, closely followed by the bottle of nail polish remover (much better to have it out of temptation’s way) and set fire to it.  Fill in the hole.  Jump on it….a lot.

20.  Go back inside and choose a ball of new splitty yarn from your stash.  You know the type….you keep it “just in case”  and isn’t practising a new craft the perfect use for it?

21.  Put down your hook, eat more chocolate and think about all the fun you are going to have teaching yourself how to crochet…..tomorrow


A Sunday Ramble

My first iris of the season.

I’ve been a Kaffe Fassett fan ever since I saw his quilts on exhibit over 10 years a few years or so ago when he last visited Perth. His book Quilts In The Sun features Brick Bracket Medallion Quilt. Drooling over the piccie in the book last weekend led to a vague idea burbling around in my head for most of the week. The idea nagged in a non-specific way until Friday morning, when I grabbed a fat quarter of fabric and a couple of half metres of possibly coordinating fabric from The Crafty Crypt before zooming off to work. I sketched out a rough idea of what I thought the top might look like before going out for duty at lunchtime, then sliced, diced, pressed and sewed when I got home. It was one of those kinds of projects that I was compelled to do. Do you ever have that? When there is a craft project that you just HAVE to work on because you can think of nothing else? That was this kind of project. I’m really pleased with the result. As you can see, Lestat is, too. He hopped up on top of it as soon as I went to get my camera.

The Missus and I visited Art In Bloom this weekend.

Some were in the art gallery….Like this one in front of a painting of a fence.

I saw this one being put up on Thursday morning on my way to a professional development day in the city.

One was on the information kiosk in the Murray Street Mall.

Some were in shop windows.

Others were tucked away.

My favourite book store had a window display….with flowers made from pages of books.

I love wandering through the city. There’s always something to see….like rock being made. This was strawberry….and the piece I had was still warm…..YUM!!!!!

WordPress is misbehaving….and I’m having to jump through hoops to get the photos in….So before it all goes to the proverbial in a handbasket…..I’ll finish up for now…..and catch up with the rest……SOON!!!!!

Photo Free Sunday

The weekends have been flying by.  There’s been mooching at farmers markets for fresh local produce to use in jam, sweet chilli sauce and tomato sauce and other kinds of concoctions, a whirl of planting (boronias, lavenders and a dwarf lime) feeding and weeding, cutting flowers for the house (safely tucked away in the bathrooms behind closed doors where Lestat can’t eat them and poison himself!).

There’s been some visits to our favourite markets, cafes, art galleries and museums and other favourite haunts. I even found a market stall that sells Corrine’s Soaps not that far away….Saves the bi-monthly trek to Freo….which wasn’t all bad, as we just happened to park in a car park that’s right next to a knitting shop…..Pure coincidence of course!

I’m sitting out on the back patio watching Tim and Al stuff themselves full to bursting with grevillea flower and buds. Every so often, native birds zoom down for a feed of nectar and a very bossy willy wag tail is charging around the garden telling off anything that moves. The scents of the boronias, lavender and freesia waft on the breeze and it feels like sheer heaven!

Crafting gets neglected at this time of year, as it is so lovely to go out and about or just sit in the sun and toast, just like the blue tongue lizard that lives in the back garden. It will be summer soon enough, when it is too hot to go out much past 10am on the weekends. This is when I will be up past my eyebrows with quilting, knitting and embroidery projects, dreaming of winter.