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If Memory Serves Me Correctly….

…there are 276 rectangles in this flimsy.  It is the finished top for The Missus’ green lap quilt.  She asked for it to be big enough for us both to snuggle under and is rapt in the top… am I!  There are over 40 different green fabrics.  Now the only green fabrics I have in my stash are the left over 3 in x 6 in bricks. These will probably absorbed into the foundation pieced, double bed sized log cabin  quilt I will be starting for us later on this year.

I pieced leaders and enders ala Quiltville to make the back of a laptop runner.  I put a teatowel under the laptop table when it is on my lap to stop getting itchy, but I think this will be much prettier when it is finished.  The three blocks at the front are orphan blocks which will go on the front.

All the sewing has meant the slicing and dicing of my scrap pile has been sadly neglected….So this pile will soon become 12 inch or longer strips  ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 inches wide; charm squares; bricks ranging from 2 in x 3.5 in to 3.5 in x 6.5 in or squares ranging from 1.5 in to 3.5 inches.  My inner muse has been peering into her crystal ball and can see more scrappy leader and ender quilts in my near future.

Meet the Beastie Bois.  They mysteriously appeared at Easter and have been partying near the ipod player ever since!  They are closely related to Missy Ballance’s bunnies from her Bunny Pocket Pillow.  I heard a whisper recently that they are inclined to spontaneously reproduce.  All seems quiet, but you just never know!

I’ve saved my favourite for last.  A couple of months ago The Missus and I went to the local scrapbooking shop and spent a fun afternoon decorating tins.  The Missus’ tin is on the left, mine is on the right.  I bought a couple of little easels so we could put them in the lounge, where we see them every day.

There are no knitting WIP piccies.  It is either in disgrace (like the green beanie), ripped back (like the purple tweed scarf) or about to be ripped back (like the red beanie which I started in rib instead of moss stitch.  That is what I get for not checking what I’m doing at Knit Cafe on a Saturday afternoon as I’m chatting…..but it was fun!)

A piccie of the cross stitched A Merry Kitty Klaws and some cute chocolate bunnies will  be coming soon!

Here’s hoping for a craft filled week!!!