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Mince pies were made with beef and spices in Victorian times.

This is the first quilt I ever started…..and it became my first UFO…..which lasted 8 years!  It gets about a four on the OOGLIE! scale, but I love it in a weird kind of way.  The applique I did in blanket stitch by hand and mum pieced the top….I had planned to piece it by hand, but when mum offered to piece it on her sewing machine I thought it would be nice for us to have a collaborative quilt.  It is also special because I can see how much my taste has changed and how much I have learned over the years….including how to use a sewing machine!

Today I was wondering if I should have been let loose unsupervised…..It was the second time I had been out in nine weeks that wasn’t appointment related….and the first time on my own…..First I broke the “pull” part of the zipper on my favourite shoulder bag.  Secondly I lost my sunnies.  Thirdly….a car ran into the back of mine when I was stationary!  This was all in less than two hours!  Fortunately, all turned out well.  The Missus is going to make a beady pull thngy for my bag…..I am picking my sunnies up from the coffee shop where I left them tomorrow…..the car only tapped mine on the tow bar, so no damage!  So it all worked out ok.

The shopping part of the trip went fine…..I found a Chrissie pressie for The Missus and as you can see from the above piccie I partook in S.E.X.  The red fossil fern is for the background of a (sort of) surprise  steampunk themed wall hanging I’m making for The Missus.  

The pink fq will make the backing and binding on a cross stitch Christmas ornament for mum and dad which I will be making SOON, as they are coming over next Monday and I’d like to give it to them then.     

Laurel Burch’s cat fabric is going in a cat themed quilt.  Finding that was a bonus….it is like hen’s teeth in Perth.  The shop I found it in is moving and I reckon it came from the vault!

I love those packs…..$20 for 10 fq’s is great value.   They come in handy for all kinds of projects.  It caught my eye in the LQS, as it made me think of Halloween.  I’ll use some of it to make up the Halloween cross stitch I made recently into ornaments. 

This is the first pieced quilt I made.  I decided to bring it out, as it hasn’t seen the light of day for a while.  The most spoilt cat in the known universe Lestat’s “This is comfortable, but I don’t know if I should be here, so I will act like I should be” look made me smile.


This is Dovecoate – the first block I’m stitching of Anni Downs “The Gardener’s Journal”.  There are 28 stitched blocks ranging from 2×2 inches to 8×9 inches….So plenty of variety!  Over the years I’ve admired quilts with stitcheries at craft fairs and said I was “gunna make one……one day”.  Well, one day has come.  I’ll be using some of the fq’s I bought today when I’m piecing it.   

Just out of curiosity I counted how many stitches were in the bird sitting on the perch…70!  A quiltful will be a whole lot of stitchy fun.