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Goodies, Goodie, Goodie Yum, Yummmmm!!!

Nope, not the Tim, Grahame and Bill type Goodies…..The crafty kind instead.  It was our annual  pilgrimage to the WA Craft, Quilt and Stitch Show.  It is my favourite craft show and I took so many piccies I ran out of memory on my phone!  When we were leaving, The Missus told me we had been there for five hours……it really didn’t seem THAT long!  It was quieter than previous years, which was fine, because it meant it was easier to walk around.  The Missus found some beady goodness and I found so much that I’d have to take out a personal loan to pay for it all!

This would have to be the find of the fair….The Missus and I are both left handed and even though she doesn’t do a lot of embroidery, she has seen me get frustrated when attempting to change a pattern for right handers to one for a southpaw.  The majority of books will say reverse the stitches for left handers and it is not always that simple!  We were at my favourite stall, The Thread Studio, which is an online store based here in Perth, when The Missus put the book in my hands and said ‘You HAVE to get it!”  I stood there with it in my hands looking at it like a stunned mullet….It was the first time I’ve ever seen a craft book for lefties by a lefty!  It has explicit illustrations and we both found it quite odd to look at, because it is the opposite to what we are used to seeing.  I’m not complaining though,  it is fabulous.  I have a little embroidery project in mind and will begin sketching it out this week, with help from the book.

The Missus and I have been known to while away an afternoon or two sitting at the kitchen table making an ATC or three.  I’ve seen this book so many times, thought about getting it and put it down again.  This time I thought why not?  So I added it to the ever growing pile.  There are thirty five different techniques, with nothing too complicated and oodles of examples.  The instructions are simple and not restrictive.  It is the kind of book which is great craft p*rn or as an inspirational jump point.

I’ve been stuck for a while on how to transfer an image for an Steampunk themed art quilt which I’m designing  for The Missus.  I can’t say any more than that about it, as she knows that I’m making it for her, but that is all……besides me racing around the house shouting, “I have another great idea for your Steampunk quilt”.  This book has techniques using glues and mediums, heat, solvents and everything else in between!  The hard bit now will be choosing which technique to use!  If that is as hard as it gets, it can only be fun, can’t it?  I can see applications in all sorts of other pieces, too!  I think this one will be a great learning aid and I’ll be able to explore and expand my skills until the emus come home quite happily!

I can see hours of fun making bags and journal covers coming out of this book.  Many moons ago, as part of my first university degree  I majored in art.  This book continues from where I left off.  Assignments and other constraints  saw me move away from art to craft for a long time.  Now I will be able to combine the two!

The Missus was happy to add the Steampunk stamp to her stash….I may have to borrow it to use on her quilt!  A knitting chicken wearing a Christmas hat?  How could I resist?  I don’t know about where you are, but Penny Black stamps are expensive here.  I occasionally find a bargain….like this one.

The “newspaper” fq made me laugh….which was a good enough reason to get it.  I don’t know how I will use it, yet.  Getting it out every so often and fondling it sounds fine for right now.  The other two, however, are destined for a square in a square throw.  I’ll be starting that after I’ve completed the project which incorporates……..

a bug quilt.  I had said no more bug fabric, until I saw these two.  Instead of a Bugs In A Bottle, I’m making snowball blocks and making it Bugs In A Paperweight.  I thought a pieced quilt would make a change, as I’ve mostly made foundation pieced and appliqué quilts.  Those cute little bug tiles are a pressie from The Missus.  They came from her stash.  She handed them to me last night and said she thought I’d be able to use them on the bug quilt.

The Missus found the black and white fabric and asked if I’d make her an i-pod cover….Which I’mhappy to do!  By the end of the day, we had found a different use for it.  I’m hoping to be able to squeeze out an i-pod cover, too.  However it works out, I will be able to practise my hand quilting…..which I’ve not done for a very long time.  The penguin fabric can rest in my stash for a while.

After I spotted a quilt which I liked on a stall using fabric similar to what I have in my stash from this line, I snapped a piccie on my phone then purchased the fq’s.  Gotta love serendipity.

Any idea what this……..

and this have to do with our trip to the craft fair?

If you guess they are the back of our e-readers and I’m going to use the black and white fabric to make a cover for the one belonging to The Missus annnnddddd I’m going to use the left handed embroidery book to help design a cover for mine, you are amazingly psychic and could you please tell me what the winning Lotto numbers are for next Saturday….I will split the winnings with you 50/50.

As part of The Great Cull of 2010, we decided that e-readers  are a much more realistic proposition for both of us than continuing to collect physical books.  The readers came preloaded with some awesome copyright free books from Gutenberg.  Some of them we already have as hard copies, which we will be taking to the second hand shop, then go out for coffee on what we get for them.  This will free up some room.  We’ve both started reading using them today and found them to be great.  The Missus is reading Phantom of the Opera and I’m reading Sleepy Hollow.  No guessing where our tastes lie is there?  lol

I’m off to make prawn laksa for tea and see if I can download yesterday’s piccies from the phone without deleting them!  If I can, I will post a few piccies next time, plus some progress piccies of my WIPS.

Here’s to a craft filled week!!!!