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Some PIG!

I decided today that it was about time that this project was something more than a PIG (project in a grocery bag).  It is morphing its way into a rag quilt.

Lestat thought he was terribly hard done by and was about to expire from loneliness as I’d given all my attention to slicing and dicing for at least 15 minutes before the piccie was taken.

These broaches were made by The Missus as part of my birthday present (a few weeks back).  I was totally blown away by them.  I love hand made pressies…..even something as simple as a cup of tea….It is a gift of time and we all know how precious time is!  The cushion I made last Sunday so I can display them.

I’d picked up a fq a while ago thinking I’d make “something” for The Missus “sometime”.   Sometime came about last Sunday.  I made her a lavender bag stuffed to bursting point with lavender I’d dried from the garden.  The scent is divine.

I also made a bag for my soldering iron, but the gremlins seem to have eaten the piccie.  When I bought some solder recently, the guy behind the counter asked me in a very condescending manner if I was making jewellery.  He looked rather stunned when I told him I was soldering the budgie cage.   It is a pity that kind of attitude is still around.

I took this the other night when I went for a walk just before it went dark.  The only time the water completely dries up is in the middle of summer.


Budgies Are Delicious With Chips and Salad

See that?  I drift off with the computer on my lap and it is taken over by Lestat

According to Lestat, Ned (who is also dozing…on the left of the piccie) and Tim, our two new family members should be plumped up and eaten….with or without salad!

Nibbles decided it was time to leave home a couple of weeks ago, which left an empty spot in our hearts and the cage next to the back door…..Which is the new home of two baby budgies.

The Missus named Ned after Ned Kelly, as he is fearless and a a fighter. (He did not cope well with moving house on the first day.  He was rescued from the bottom of the cage, lying on his side with his little toes curled in.  After some tlc, water and a slurry of bird biscuit through an eye dropper, he pulled through.   I named Tim after Tim Burton.  My first choice was Bradbury, after the author Ray Bradbury…..but the voice of reason (The Missus) pointed out that budgies only have little brains, so if I want to have ANY hope of him recognising his name, something shorter would be more appropriate…..Hence the one syllable name.

This is my March FOSAL ornament.  It is the only finish I have a piccie of…..Non-blogging in not good for photo taking!

I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that everything in technoblogland is working again….and this post goes through……If so………..I’m back!!!!!