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Tales From The Crafty Crypt

Go towards the light!!!!  Go towards the light!!!!  Do you think I could get a job as a Ghost Whisperer??? lol

These are some of the MANY plastic crates which have had my craft supplies squished into them for the last X number of years.  It is all changing.  The Den of  Inequity is no more.  It is well on the way to morphing into The Crafty Crypt.

There has been trip after trip to Ikea….the car goes there automatically now.  Many pieces of furniture and crates have gone to new homes via the path out the front of the house with a hand written note which says “Free to a good home. :)”……We must have GOOD junk….it goes within an hour.  Other bits and pieces are heading to be re-loved via the Good Samaritans.

The piccie shows one of the sets of drawers which The Missus bashed into submission.  She is a whizz with a hammer.  I was her able assistant, singing Klingon Opera to make her laugh when things wouldn’t behave and rubbing in bruise ointment the occasional time when it was  necessary.

Now instead of emptying crates and pawing through piles of crafty mess, then repacking it all….and it never seems to go back in quite the same way……. I can slide out a tray, lift the lid……..

and pick out what I want…….without having to unpack, then repack everything, whether I’m quilting,  sewing, knitting, playing with paper or making a mixed media project.

This little beauty holds my favourite paper craft bits and pieces.  You can tell by the rosy tint in piccie that I’ve been speaking of it in glowing terms.  One of the things I like about it  is that I can’t pull the drawers out onto my foot!  It is also very nice having easy access to my light box and it is just the right height for me to stand and trace.

Access to my stamps and bits and pieces is so easy now.  I can’t wait to get into my stamping again.

The storage crates are gone and all my crafty bits are nesting in their new homes.  Some general tidying over the next week or so and The Crafty Crypt will be open for business.

The Missus took her life in her hands last week when she braved The Den of Inequity to pick out some fabric which I used to make some bags for her DS accessories.

She survived unscathed and emerged triumphant with a couple of Japanese style fabrics for the car battery chargers.

The stylus pouch was a dry run for a knitting needle pouch.  Starting small is good when frogging!

I’m down to scraps with both these fabrics.  I bought a metre of each a few years ago from a quilt shop that was closing and they’ve been a favourite ever since.  The Missus preferred velcro to button holes for ease of closing on all the pouches.

This fabric reminded The Missus of the movie The Matrix….I used it to make a pouch for the power cord.  It looks a bit tight, but The Missus is happy with it, which is what matters.

I almost forgot to say how I came about the name “The Crafty Crypt”.  The Missus was in there and mentioned how cold it was.   I said it gets as cold as a crypt….and it was just a hop, skip and jump away from The Crafty Crypt.  It also helps to have a life time interest in the Macabre.

Old  Goths never die…..we just need less make-up.