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Makes Me Happy Monday


Watching the lesbian romantic comedy “Out At The Wedding” with my favourite lesbian (kd lang eat your heart out!!!!) on Valentine’s Day.


Makes Me Happy Monday

Watching brown honey eaters zoom in and out of the grevilleas. I’m looking at one now eating nectar. They fly so fast I can’t catch them on the camera and tend to dash in and out of the grevilliea to eat. So here’s a link with some good piccies ….

They have a sweet song, but also a loud raucous squawk! They are very entertaining little characters the way they zoom and hop around the garden.

Makes Me Happy Monday

Standing in the back yard this morning about 7.30am taking a photo of the grey sky over the back fence as it rained was sheer heaven.  We’ve been going through a stinking hot spell.   Today was the first time it has rained this summer.  I stood in the still, warm morning air, breathing in deeply and feeling the cold droplets on my warm skin.  All evidence of it was gone as fast as it came……but it was a truly magic moment.

Makes Me Happy Monday

Munching on a buttered home made blueberry and strawberry muffin while watching the last day  of the (cricket) test match between Australia and Pakistan with a cup of tea in the airconditioning made both The Missus and I happy today!

Make My Happy Monday…On Wednesday

Paula has invited us to join “Make Me Happy Monday”. Each Monday blog about something that makes us happy. As she pointed out, after a year, there will be 52 things to smile about!
Even though it is early Wednesday morning, I’m posting this week’s happy snap and thoughts. Nibbles is an absolute cutie and makes me smile (and laugh) every day. He was a foundling and had me laughing from the first time I saw him.

A couple of years ago, I was bringing my class back from morning fitness on the oval when I felt something hit me in the head. I turned around and saw a little bedraggled looking bird walking along behind the class. I told the kids he would probably find his own way back home and we went back to class. As the day went on I had kids from the two classes next door and mine giving me reports on what that little bird was doing. I’m sure it was a conspiracy!

By two o’clock in the afternoon I was smitten with this tough little survivor who was so exhausted that he couldn’t fly and he was securely tucked away in a photocopy paper box with some water in the art store room. (After hearing the kid’s “horror stories” about ravens pecking him to death and eating him alive, what else could I do??? 12 year olds are GOOD at those kinds of stories!) I had decided to take him to the RSPCA or somewhere similar……This worked in theory until I had a peek at him. He looked so pathetic and woeful my heart went out to him. I took him home instead. On the way home I stopped at the local pet supply shop and found the perfect house for him….which would not fit in my car.

A quick phone call to The Missus which started as….”I have a problem…..” and ended up with her getting the bird house delivered….it wouldn’t fit in her car, either. We had a new pet….even though Lestat thought it was a snack for him.

We had no idea at first whether he was male or female. I had read that female weiro’s had striped tails. I didn’t know that juvenile males had them also. We just read as much as we could about looking after them, plus used common sense.

It didn’t take long for him to completely capture our hearts….which must have been fate, as we had agreed a couple of weeks before to have no more pets! Each morning starts with a “HELLO NIBBLES!!!” as I laugh at his antics. When I open the blind he screams with excitement then does a dance which usually involves tipping himself almost upside down on his perch, shimmering his wings and tail….plus lots of shrieking. How could I NOT start the day with a smile on my face???