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The Heading You Have When You Don’t Have A Heading

After a nasty case of Blogger Block and the first thing that happens when I begin to write a post is I sit with fingers poised high above the keyboard ready to type out a witty and eyecatching title……nothing!!!  Now that is ironic. 😉 lolol

Earlier this evening saw a mad scramble before the light went to get photos of the projects I’d been  working on while being nonbloggusmentus.  Here goes………

No, we are not being taken over by strange alien creatures here in the west….It is an awesome, tiny tripod….a gift from The Missus.

Lestat sending up zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s on my computer chair.  He loves anything made of fabric and considers this chair his own.  It began its life as a Moda Bakeshop wallhanging design (I will have to look for the name of it) and because I ran short of fabric, it morphed into a throw instead.  It looks much nicer than the long strip of polycotton which was on it previously….and is much easier to get the cat hair off, too!

This scarf is maroon in r/l…amazing what the light and camera can do!  It is a wool k1, p1 scarf for The Missus when we go fishing.  It is Cleckheatons Country wool.  It is a fave of mine when I want plain yarn.  Knits up really nicely and wears well.  I’ve told her if she falls in she has to take off the scarf and let it sink, as I can always knit her another.  Her reply was she’d use it to fight off the great white shark which had pulled her in.  The way wool stretches, it would be long enough to mummify the shark by the time she had finished.

I spotted some face washers at Woolies recently and thought they’d make brilliant covers for heat/ice packs.  I think they will be much more practictical than having tea towels flapping about. 

The Missus said these decorated tea towels will give her something lovely to look at while she does the unpleasant task of drying dishes.  Gotta love that woman!

These started out as mug cosies from the Fall 2010 issue of Quilts and More.  The later the night got, the more tongue tied I became…..until I was calling them mosies….The name stuck.  The top left is mine for Halloween.  The Missus’ is on the right.  The bottom left is mine for fishing, the bottom right is The Missus’ for fishing.

About the fishing………The Missus has a tackle box full of all kinds of interesting fishing doohickies……I have a bigger tackle box….full of craft stuff!  We are going on our first fishing expedition next weekend….If she catches anything I will be running off screaming in the opposite direction. lol

This Halloween panel was the perfect size for a coffee tablecloth.  It was the year for Halloween panels.  I made a couple more, but the piccies will have to wait for the next post, as the ones I took were pretty gruesome.

Another Halloween panel which I sliced and diced and added to some Halloween fabric to make a nine patch throw for the back of the settee.  The little mats on either side are for the most spoilt cat in the Universe Lestat to sit on so he doesn’t leave fur all over the back of the settee…..Not that he sees any problem in that.  He has sulked in his basket ever since I replaced the ones that are usually there earlier this evening.  Gotta expect him to be set in his ways now he is ten….

This biscournu started life as an Christmas ornament from this year’s JCS Christmas preview edition.  I like the aida and the verigated thread, but not this design as a biscornu.

I cast on Stephen West’s appropriately named Boneyard shawl this afternoon….no piccie yet…I’ve knitting twelve rows……of the pointy end.   A nice bit of mindless knitting which you may enjoy, Miss 376!  If anyone does start it, K1 not K2 at the end of Set up Row 3 will save your sanity.

Have a wonderful Halloween and week.


Put Into Proportion

Earlier today I was pondering whether I should buy the book skinny quilts and table runners (edited by Elenor Levie) for $45 at my LQS.  Everything was put into proportion when I overheard the customer next to me telling the shop owner to charge her $16 000 long arm quilter purchase onto the credit card.  It put my CASH purchase into proportion.

There have been some cold mornings this winter, so…….

I thought this bloke might appreciated a bit of warmth and gifted him this scarf.

He reminds me of the piccies I’ve seen of early le Tour de France riders.

The month has flown past.  The Missus and I have been taking advantage of the cool weather, which we both like with the occasional beverage and something sweet at our favourite cafe.

We’ve loved what was on tv.

Finished a quilt….it just needs to go through the wash and dryer a couple of times to get the

fuzziness that makes rag quilts so scrumptious.

Received a lovely bunch of flowers from The Missus.

Picked some from the garden.

Was awed……

and pondered upon the talent and imaginationof the artists from……

Patricia Picinnini’s Studio.  This one is called The Embrace and it is an interesting take on motherhood.  We saw it as part of the Relativity exhibition.  I think it could also be called Clingy!!!!

I did get some FOSAL stitching done…..this one’s just waiting for a frame.

Made sssssssllllllllloooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww progress (and continue to do so) on a set of computer covers.

and indulged in some home made cordial tonight while watching The Lost Boys in my pj’s.

It’s The Simple Things….

…..that make me smile.  Like sitting on the settee knitting a penguin egg cosy for a friend on Friday night…..with the whole weekend ahead of me!

Sharing morning tea out  with The Missus (especially when it involves mud cake and a latte) and knitting in public on World Wide Knitting Day made me smile this morning.  So did working out how to download the photo from my camera to my net book this afternoon!

No Longer……


Yesterday The Missus and I had a once in a lifetime opportunity.  We saw SIR IAN MCKELLEN in the Absurdist play Waiting For Godot by Samuel Beckett at His Majesty’s Theatre…here…in Perth…!!!!!!!   Just in case you are wondering who/what I’m blathering on about….He is the actor who played Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, James Whale in Gods and Monsters,  also Magneto in  the X-Men trilogy…..and those are just a few of his roles!!!  The Missus and I have been admirers of his for many years, not only as an actor, but also as a gay activist.

We saw Miriam Margolyes a couple of years ago on stage (She played Professor Sprout in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) which was fabulous.  Even knowing that she is gay (her preference to lesbian) didn’t have as much impact as seeing Sir Ian on stage….Partly I’ve enjoyed seeing him in other roles,  partly because he is a magnificent actor, partly because even though he is a slightly built man who doesn’t stand out WAS Estrogen and a big part is because he is a gay activist and activism has always been important to me.

Before the show we came across a “here today, gone tomorrow” book shop….Nothing over $20…including the Greek Cookbook which retails @ $50 (the other books were a LOT less….except the Crobot book, which I purchased at another shop).  That is my kind of shopping!

This bodem cosie started out life as a pair of fingerless mittens…..until the pieces bloomed when I washed them.  It was either make an offer to Andre the Giant….or find another solution!  I must remember to swatch!!!

I finished the top for the tablecloth today.  It is a Chinese coin purse joined with black strips.  We both love the look of it.  Lestat shot on top of it as soon as it went on, then off just as fast when he saw the camera come out!!!  We put it on the bed to get an idea of what the design would look like.  Seeing it on there confirmed my idea about making a bedspread using the same design.  The Missus suggested cream on cream instead of black, which I think would look good.  More slicing, dicing and stash diving soon!

I finished a top for a Halloween table runner this afternoon.  I’m looking forward to quilting it this afternoon.   I dug out the Stargazey Saw Tooth pattern from my stash for the blocks.

Here’s to a crafty filled week!!!!

Citius, Altius, Fortius

I’m ready….I’ve limbered up…..I’ve trained…..Now I’m chomping at the bit waiting patiently for 9.30am Saturday morning…….When, I’ll be sitting with the airconditioning on at an icy 18 degrees C, wearing my favourite beanie, clutching a hot chocolate……all excited and breathless until that magical moment happens when…………


In a nut shell, the Knitting Olympics is organised by The Yarn Harlot Any knitter can join in, so long as they embody the Olympic Spirit.  A project which is challenging for the knitter is cast on during the Opening Ceremony and cast off before the flame goes out….sixteen days later.  There is a gold medal….she has gone all Yoda on us….”do or do not etc etc”. 

I’ll be casting on my very first project in the round on dpn’s using sock yarn…..three newbies there…..The Missus is giving herself a non-crafty word search challenge.  I think it will be a fun challenge, no matter what craft you choose….Is anyone else starting something?

Joyful, Joyful!


One of my favourite things to do when I’m stitching or knitting is to sit down with a cup of tea in my favourite mug….I’ve just brewed a pot….without the tea! lol (2 minutes later….) There was tea in the pot….sometimes my brilliance astounds me!

Joy; Lizzie Kate Inc.; Just CrossStitch Christmas Ornaments 2007; 14 count aida; DMC floss from my stash

This was a fun stitch….I started it on Belfast linen, but found that the white floss blended in too much. I consulted my inner stitch maven and the consensus was to change fabric. The piccie is a bit washed out, but you get the general idea.

DS’ frogged black scarf has made its way back onto the WIP pile. It is always good to listen to my inner stitch maven’s advice earlier than six balls of wool into a project…..If it looks like a giant dish cloth after a couple of balls, it is not going to magically change after that! I knitted a swatch first this time, so am hoping to stave off any nasty surprises. My progress was a hit and miss at first, as I…….

savagely ripped back calmly tinked. Then cast on so tightly that I couldn’t get the needle through to form a stitch  serenely cast on until I looked like I could be cast as an extra in the Evil Dead trilogy was happy with the result.

I like this quote by Scott Adams and try to remind myself of it when I‘m frogging!….Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. I’d like to add my own thought to this…. Sanity is knowing when to……..

Dig a three metre deep pit in the back yard; fill it with fuel; toss the offending piece in and do a victory dance around the burning pit.

Craft In The City


The glorious winter weather today led to a trip into town with a stroll through the markets outside the Art Gallery where The Missus and I found these two cute little critters.  Their plaintive cries just wrenched at both our heart strings, so what could we do besides adopt them?  They are now settling well into their new homes. 


A trip to town would not be complete without dropping into Boffins (my favourite book store) where I found these two books….and after seeing a pair of  mass produced acrylic long fingerless gloves for $50 in David Jones (department store) I decided the two books @ $30 each were a good investment! 


I had the most wonderful parcel waiting for me when I picked up the mail this week.   It was from Lene

She had read that I’m collecting cat fabrics and asked if I would like some of her scraps.  Her generosity has me grinning from ear to ear.  All the fabrics are lovely!  The cat on the card is very cute….and the quote on the panel (I made myself a quilt….but my cat thinks it’s hers.)  made me laugh…..and think of Lestat (who thinks ANYTHING soft and worth sitting on is fair game). Thank you so much, Lene….and yes, I can put them to good use!