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Bloggus Interuptus….

Last weekend’s post was partially eaten….so here is the rest….

Last Sunday I was in the mood for a bit of sewing instant gratification, so I whipped up a tea towel bag. These are fun to make….and fast.

I dabbled with a bit of dyeing over the past couple of weeks. I was short a few pieces of fabric for the tablecloth top in yellow and purple, so dived into my stash for some black and white fabric to makeover. I was very pleased with the yellow. The purple lot had a few ups and downs….I will post piccies soon, as the fabric needs an iron.


Where’s The Month Gone???

Ok…who ran off with January? lol It seems to have just zoomed past. I did ask my personal secretary….you can see him sitting ready to take dictation in the above piccie, but he doesn’t seem to know, either.

lalalalalal I am NOT getting annoyed that WordPress has eaten half of this this post…twice!!!