Cross-stitch, quilting, craft….


I can justify just about anything – including why I’d give up tonight’s jaunt to the hydro pool a miss…..

1.  It’s Friday.

2.  I feel like staying home to look at blogs and sew.

3.  I’ve been three times already this week.

4.   I’m tired……….etc, etc, etc.

All this completely ignores the fact that I feel both  invigorated and  relaxed afterwards.

I started thinking that I should come up with a few good reasons why I SHOULD go.  So I sat down with a glass of Bruce Lee….watta!!! and wrote a craft related list.

1.  Stamina

Being fit will mean I will be able to pull an all nighter.  Unfit, I’ll be a drooling, snoring, drooling mess slumped over the sewing machine or some kind of pointy sticks at 9pm instead of midnight.  The all important craft shop hopping would be affected, too….It is a cut lunch and water bottle job to reach more than one craft shop at a time in Perth, as they are well spread out across the suburbs…..which means I need to be on par with the Eveready bunny if I want to visit a few shops.

2.  Time

If I’m not  fit my immune system will not be at its optimum.  Who feels like crafting with a dose of the lurgy?  Or the amount of crafting time lost while recovering.   Not to mention what could happen to a piece of fabric if I happen to have a sneezing fit is potentially downright nasty.   Let alone the possibility of an inadvertent facial piercing if ANY kind of needle is involved.

3.  Strength

The stronger and fitter I am, the more supplies I can carry home from the local fabric/yarn/scrapbooking shop.


Have you seen the price of cold/flu tablets?  I can get 1 1/2 metres of fabric at Textile Traders for $7 or a metre of fabric from the discount table at my LQS for $12.  Medicine to ease the symptoms of the lurgy will chew right into my craft budget!

So here I sit, feeling relaxed and invigorated at the same time and feeling very glad that I did make the effort to exercise tonight and will tomorrow night, the night after that and the night after that etc etc.





Comments on: "Justification" (2)

  1. HAHAHAHAHA you crack me up,cheers Vickie

  2. Andee in AZ said:

    Way to go Sue! I am glad you talked yourself into it. I have recently done the same…now I just do it and I hope to have more energy with each pound I lose!

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