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A Sunday Ramble

My first iris of the season.

I’ve been a Kaffe Fassett fan ever since I saw his quilts on exhibit over 10 years a few years or so ago when he last visited Perth. His book Quilts In The Sun features Brick Bracket Medallion Quilt. Drooling over the piccie in the book last weekend led to a vague idea burbling around in my head for most of the week. The idea nagged in a non-specific way until Friday morning, when I grabbed a fat quarter of fabric and a couple of half metres of possibly coordinating fabric from The Crafty Crypt before zooming off to work. I sketched out a rough idea of what I thought the top might look like before going out for duty at lunchtime, then sliced, diced, pressed and sewed when I got home. It was one of those kinds of projects that I was compelled to do. Do you ever have that? When there is a craft project that you just HAVE to work on because you can think of nothing else? That was this kind of project. I’m really pleased with the result. As you can see, Lestat is, too. He hopped up on top of it as soon as I went to get my camera.

The Missus and I visited Art In Bloom this weekend.

Some were in the art gallery….Like this one in front of a painting of a fence.

I saw this one being put up on Thursday morning on my way to a professional development day in the city.

One was on the information kiosk in the Murray Street Mall.

Some were in shop windows.

Others were tucked away.

My favourite book store had a window display….with flowers made from pages of books.

I love wandering through the city. There’s always something to see….like rock being made. This was strawberry….and the piece I had was still warm…..YUM!!!!!

WordPress is misbehaving….and I’m having to jump through hoops to get the photos in….So before it all goes to the proverbial in a handbasket…..I’ll finish up for now…..and catch up with the rest……SOON!!!!!


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  1. Anyone would think you made that quilt top just for him. I look forward to getting a proper look when he has moved on to the next one

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