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Photo Free Sunday

The weekends have been flying by.  There’s been mooching at farmers markets for fresh local produce to use in jam, sweet chilli sauce and tomato sauce and other kinds of concoctions, a whirl of planting (boronias, lavenders and a dwarf lime) feeding and weeding, cutting flowers for the house (safely tucked away in the bathrooms behind closed doors where Lestat can’t eat them and poison himself!).

There’s been some visits to our favourite markets, cafes, art galleries and museums and other favourite haunts. I even found a market stall that sells Corrine’s Soaps not that far away….Saves the bi-monthly trek to Freo….which wasn’t all bad, as we just happened to park in a car park that’s right next to a knitting shop…..Pure coincidence of course!

I’m sitting out on the back patio watching Tim and Al stuff themselves full to bursting with grevillea flower and buds. Every so often, native birds zoom down for a feed of nectar and a very bossy willy wag tail is charging around the garden telling off anything that moves. The scents of the boronias, lavender and freesia waft on the breeze and it feels like sheer heaven!

Crafting gets neglected at this time of year, as it is so lovely to go out and about or just sit in the sun and toast, just like the blue tongue lizard that lives in the back garden. It will be summer soon enough, when it is too hot to go out much past 10am on the weekends. This is when I will be up past my eyebrows with quilting, knitting and embroidery projects, dreaming of winter.


Comments on: "Photo Free Sunday" (3)

  1. oh I am so relaxed after reading that thanks heaps,cheers Vickie

  2. sounds delightful. Winter won’t be that far away for us

  3. Andee in aZ said:

    It sounds just gorgeous! It is still killer hot here in AZ other than early in the day and I am longing for some “fall” weather myself!

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