Cross-stitch, quilting, craft….

Most Friday nights I’m looking forward to the weekend….Tonight it is the holidays I’m looking forward to…..and the Tour de France.  YAY!!!!

I made a lavender bag using this stitchery from Jenny of ELEFANTZ .  I love the smell of lavender and we have a few bushes which means it is just a matter of stepping out the back to cut some (tomorrow… is freezing cold and pitch black right now….kind of like the background on the piccie! lol)

has  offered another freebie as a challenge to stitch this design and make it into something.  I started stitching it tonight and am adding it to a teatowel which I’ll make up as a bag for the bits and pieces that go along with my mobile phone.  Zoom over to Jenny’s blog and let her know if you are joining in.  I’m sure it will be fun!


Comments on: "Gateway To The Holidays" (1)

  1. What a pretty little stitchery. Enjoy the holidays

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