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Today was the annual Craft and Quilt Fair.  The Missus said today that I’ve been excited about it all week…..Truthfully, I’ve been excited about it since the last one – this time last year.  It is the biggest craft fair and it is always around my birthday….Which has led me to be a craft widow for the weekend since we got back.  The Missus has  squirreled herself away in her study since we got back with the instruction that I will knock before going in.  Something is going on! lol  We like to go early, so we can leave as it starts getting packed.  One of the things I enjoy about it is seeing the quilts which are on show.  I’ve been quilting for about ten years now and I never get tired of looking at quilts….or adding to my stash!

It all started very innocently, with a Christmas panel, which I hand quilted and it just flowed on from there!  I’m still partial to panels and picked one up as a kit.  The piccie is one part of it.  The weavy looking fabric makes up part of the border.  I’ll be doing this one soon than later, I think!

I always keep an eye out for buttons and I couldn’t go past the ceramic RIP button…..perfect for a future Halloween project.  The other two buttons I’m going to add to a mojo doll which is at the ideas stewing stage…..The latest Quilters Home has a pattern for one.  The Missus and I are planning on making one each.  A chenille bag is in the works, so the cutter will come in handy.

The RIP button may come in handy for one of these Halloween cross stitch patterns.  I headed for the bargain bin at one of the cross stitch stalls and found these lovelies…..Christmas and Halloween are favourites!

As I was wondering which of these Red Brolly designs to buy I heard a voice (no, not the one that I gave in to which was shouting BUY! BUY! BUY) say “You’re not going to make all those are you?”  It was a lovely surprise to find when I turned around to see one of the gal’s from the (not so) local embroidery store working on the stall.  We had a quick chat and it was lovely to catch up on the crafty stuff…if only briefly!  She’s worked there for about 25 years….she started about the same time I started visiting there.  I’ll be going there soon to get some aida band….I’m not even going to wonder if I will buy anything else! lol

I’m a sucker for craft books…..especially if they are about log cabin and stars.  I’ve looked at the log cabin book quite a few times at the LQS and when I found it today for about $30 less, I knew it was time to buy it!

This book is a birthday pressie from some lovely friends.  I’m going to get some egg cups and fake eggs so I can keep what I make on display on the kitchen.  Cute and quick….what more can I say???

It is times like this that I’m glad I can touch type….fast….but not quite fast enough….I’ll be back sooner than later…..  Gotta scoot……Have a wonderful weekend!!!!


Comments on: "Craft Shopped ‘Til We Dropped" (3)

  1. WOW WOW WOW WOWSWEEEEER excellent purchases and my oh my RED Brolly lucky you-great to read you had a blast,cheers Vickie

  2. Sounds like the Missus isn’t the only one going to have some fun, Enjoy all your goodies

  3. Andee in aZ said:

    Happy Birthday to you whenever it is…I like that fabric panel, good choice!

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