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Cooking With Gas

I’m blessing the fact that we have a gas stove………the power is going to be out for about three hours.  What’s a gal to do but make hot chocolate and blog???

Lestat is completely unphased (and unimpressed) by my go-go dancing to the theme music of the 60’s British production UFO, which The Missus is watching on the portable DVD player.  She is sitting shaking her head and laughing…..if nothing else I’m good for cheap entertainment! lol

I made a bag this morning for the portable magnifying glass I purchased yesterday at the craft fair.  It’s made from a tea towel.  The motif on it led to a very fast finish.

I finished May’s FOSAL ornament today.  It is a bit wonky on the top and bottom, as it didn’t want to behave…..It got to the stage where it was either finished wonky or was hacked to pieces…..I decided to go with the former lest The Missus have thoughts about calling the women in the white coats to come and get me…..That doesn’t bear thinking about…..All that “rest time” and not being able to play with needles and other sharp objects!

A couple of weeks ago a friend had a  bad case of the blues.  So I whipped up a dammit doll for her.  I picked the ugliest fabric in my stash….(It came as part of a fq pack so I am taking NO responsibility for picking it! lol)…..I thought it would be easier to bash if it was not pretty…..She loves it and says it is too nice to whack on a hard surface….Having something hand made had a positive effect, which is wonderful…..

I wanted to have a go at foundation pieced flying geese a couple of weeks ago, so made a runner.  The background colour blends in a bit more than I like, but I’m quite pleased with it….I just ignore the unevenness caused by sewing onto stretchy interfacing for the foundation!!!

There was a queen sized quilt at the craft fair yesterday that was made up of all small flying geese.  It was hand quilted… that would take patience!  It was in cream and a soft pink.  It would look stunning in a feminine bedroom.

Have a fab week!


Craft Shopped ‘Til We Dropped

Today was the annual Craft and Quilt Fair.  The Missus said today that I’ve been excited about it all week…..Truthfully, I’ve been excited about it since the last one – this time last year.  It is the biggest craft fair and it is always around my birthday….Which has led me to be a craft widow for the weekend since we got back.  The Missus has  squirreled herself away in her study since we got back with the instruction that I will knock before going in.  Something is going on! lol  We like to go early, so we can leave as it starts getting packed.  One of the things I enjoy about it is seeing the quilts which are on show.  I’ve been quilting for about ten years now and I never get tired of looking at quilts….or adding to my stash!

It all started very innocently, with a Christmas panel, which I hand quilted and it just flowed on from there!  I’m still partial to panels and picked one up as a kit.  The piccie is one part of it.  The weavy looking fabric makes up part of the border.  I’ll be doing this one soon than later, I think!

I always keep an eye out for buttons and I couldn’t go past the ceramic RIP button…..perfect for a future Halloween project.  The other two buttons I’m going to add to a mojo doll which is at the ideas stewing stage…..The latest Quilters Home has a pattern for one.  The Missus and I are planning on making one each.  A chenille bag is in the works, so the cutter will come in handy.

The RIP button may come in handy for one of these Halloween cross stitch patterns.  I headed for the bargain bin at one of the cross stitch stalls and found these lovelies…..Christmas and Halloween are favourites!

As I was wondering which of these Red Brolly designs to buy I heard a voice (no, not the one that I gave in to which was shouting BUY! BUY! BUY) say “You’re not going to make all those are you?”  It was a lovely surprise to find when I turned around to see one of the gal’s from the (not so) local embroidery store working on the stall.  We had a quick chat and it was lovely to catch up on the crafty stuff…if only briefly!  She’s worked there for about 25 years….she started about the same time I started visiting there.  I’ll be going there soon to get some aida band….I’m not even going to wonder if I will buy anything else! lol

I’m a sucker for craft books…..especially if they are about log cabin and stars.  I’ve looked at the log cabin book quite a few times at the LQS and when I found it today for about $30 less, I knew it was time to buy it!

This book is a birthday pressie from some lovely friends.  I’m going to get some egg cups and fake eggs so I can keep what I make on display on the kitchen.  Cute and quick….what more can I say???

It is times like this that I’m glad I can touch type….fast….but not quite fast enough….I’ll be back sooner than later…..  Gotta scoot……Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

The Gateway To The Weekend Is Open

The warm autumn days are being followed by cool nights which is perfect weather for wearing my favourite Friday night attire… pyjamas with penguins and a t-shirt.  Sheer heaven!

I’m clearing the decks of my sewing WISPS, as I’ll be starting a bed size quilt as soon as they are done….. and things are mostly zooming along….

Meet Owlfonzo the Explorer…..He was hatched last weekend by The Missus and I from a pair of Explorer socks.  He will be joined soon by his life partner Owlawishus and their bouncing baby Owlbert.

I put this stitchery in a “safe place”, which made perfect sense… the time….After searching all the places it could be,  I found it in one of the places it couldn’t be!  I’m using this bag for small knitting projects.  I added a button and bias loop to the top after the piccie was taken.

Same with this one…..and it is fun mooching through my stash looking for the right fabric.

I managed to include three orphan blocks in this laptop runner.  On their own they are extremely gruesome…..I’m quite pleased with the way they look together.

This is A Merry Kitty Klawz by Val’s Stuff from JCS 2007 Christmas special…..One can never keep a craft magazine for too long!  It was my April ornament for the Festive Ornament SAL

These little chocolate bunnies were my one and only Easter ornament this year.  The pattern is from the blog Matryoshka Biscornue I stitched it on 20 count pearle linen, so it is quite tiny.

I’ve managed to get over the hump on the Halloween Fairy……after making froggable mistakes six times in the same spot I decided last year to put it away for a while.  I pulled it out last weekend, promising myself that I could make a Halloween ornament after I had finished the section I was stuck on.  I enjoyed it so much that I kept going and did some of the pumpkin.  I’ll post a piccie of my progress soon……I’m too comfy on the settee tonight!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend…..