Cross-stitch, quilting, craft….

See that?  I drift off with the computer on my lap and it is taken over by Lestat

According to Lestat, Ned (who is also dozing…on the left of the piccie) and Tim, our two new family members should be plumped up and eaten….with or without salad!

Nibbles decided it was time to leave home a couple of weeks ago, which left an empty spot in our hearts and the cage next to the back door…..Which is the new home of two baby budgies.

The Missus named Ned after Ned Kelly, as he is fearless and a a fighter. (He did not cope well with moving house on the first day.  He was rescued from the bottom of the cage, lying on his side with his little toes curled in.  After some tlc, water and a slurry of bird biscuit through an eye dropper, he pulled through.   I named Tim after Tim Burton.  My first choice was Bradbury, after the author Ray Bradbury…..but the voice of reason (The Missus) pointed out that budgies only have little brains, so if I want to have ANY hope of him recognising his name, something shorter would be more appropriate…..Hence the one syllable name.

This is my March FOSAL ornament.  It is the only finish I have a piccie of…..Non-blogging in not good for photo taking!

I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that everything in technoblogland is working again….and this post goes through……If so………..I’m back!!!!!


Comments on: "Budgies Are Delicious With Chips and Salad" (3)

  1. Andee in aZ said:

    Your post came through..good to see it! Hope all is well with you and your missus!!

  2. Yay! I’m SO happy to see you posting again! I’ve been rather lax at it myself lately, with events in life taking most of my time. I don’t even get time to read all of the blogs that I love, but do try and catch up when I can.

    Tell Lestat that those sweet little birdies are not worth his time. It is much better that he spend it sweet talking his mommies into some nice succulent roasted chicken.

    I’m so sorry that you lost your little Nibbles. I used to have budgies and it is amazing how much individual personality those little birds have. (one always insisted on putting his weighted plastic penquin dolly in his water dish. .guess he knew that penquins liked water. .or else that he needed a bath! lol)

    They may be small, but they sure occupy a huge spot in your heart! I think that Ned & Tim are very lucky to have found such a loving home. While they won’t replace Nibbles, I’m sure that they’ll find, if they already haven’t claimed equally huge places of love within you.

    I love your ornie! I need to get back to working on my stitching. There just aren’t enough hours in the day anymore. lol

    Good to have you back!!!

  3. That naughty cat! Your two new babies are adorable! I’ll miss Nibbles though. Did he escape the house or pass away?

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