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Taking My Bat and Ball…..

I’m taking a break from writing personal blog entries for a while.  Blogger has a multiple personality problem….now WordPress either won’t post more than a paragraph, or puts the piccies altogether!  I am more than over it.  I’m taking my bat and ball and going home!!!  I’ll still be around….I’m still running FOSAL and will remain a member of Spooky Stitchers.  I’ll be round reading blogs, too!

See you on the ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Comments on: "Taking My Bat and Ball….." (5)

  1. pfffffffft uh uh no you don’t , I am sure I have not signed a permission slip for this to happen,cheers Vickie

  2. Can understand the frustration, but you will be missed

  3. :o(

    How sad. I’m so sorry the blog sites are giving you fits.

  4. Oh this is a miserable development. I always enjoy visiting or if not actually making a visit at least reading in the RSS your wonderful thoughts. You will be missed. Maybe after some time off you come back for a a short visit, I sure hope so. But where ever life takes you I wish you much luck and success in your new pursuits.

  5. Well that’s no fun! It’s also not going to be any fun to be able to read about your adventures!

    I hope that techland gets their acts together soon, so that you’ll feel like getting back into blogging. You’re missed!!

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