Cross-stitch, quilting, craft….

I Ort not be fickle…

but I couldn’t resist this jar after we had emptied it….so swappped it for the other.

I was so excited about getting some knitting done on dpns that I didn’t notice that I’d somehow managed to drop a needle….even when it is a triangle shape instead of a square. lol   It was only when The Missus asked me if I had dropped a dpn that I realised I’d been knitting with one less needle than I started! lol  Everything I know about how to knit following a pattern has gone completely out the window…..including remembering to keep count of stitches and rounds!  It doesn’t matter…..I’m having a ball!


Comments on: "I Ort not be fickle…" (4)

  1. lol, good to have someone around to keep you on track

  2. It is the enjoyment of the craft that is the best = who cares what the rules are. Your TUSAL looks great

  3. Awesome TU SAL update! I do like the shape of that new jar!

  4. umm LOL..see our brain is really connected to our inner beings eh?

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