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Citius, Altius, Fortius

I’m ready….I’ve limbered up…..I’ve trained…..Now I’m chomping at the bit waiting patiently for 9.30am Saturday morning…….When, I’ll be sitting with the airconditioning on at an icy 18 degrees C, wearing my favourite beanie, clutching a hot chocolate……all excited and breathless until that magical moment happens when…………


In a nut shell, the Knitting Olympics is organised by The Yarn Harlot Any knitter can join in, so long as they embody the Olympic Spirit.  A project which is challenging for the knitter is cast on during the Opening Ceremony and cast off before the flame goes out….sixteen days later.  There is a gold medal….she has gone all Yoda on us….”do or do not etc etc”. 

I’ll be casting on my very first project in the round on dpn’s using sock yarn…..three newbies there…..The Missus is giving herself a non-crafty word search challenge.  I think it will be a fun challenge, no matter what craft you choose….Is anyone else starting something?


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  1. Good luck with it all.

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