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And There’s More!!!!

WordPress has decided NOT to play nice again….and only posted part of my last post….So (hopefully) here’s the rest!

This heat/stop the table getting scratched pad fell victim to the “safe place” syndrome recently. I know things will turn up…it just bugs me when I can’t find them!

I dabbled with a bit of dyeing over the past couple of weeks. I was short a few pieces of fabric for the tablecloth top in yellow and purple, so dived into my stash for some black and white fabric to makeover. I was very pleased with the yellow. The next lot had a few ups and downs….I will post piccies soon, as the fabric needs an iron.


Comments on: "And There’s More!!!!" (4)

  1. Tha fabric has turned out well

  2. great job there..don’t you just love it when you forget the safe place…cheers Vickie

  3. You fabric dyeing results look fantastic! I really like that yellow!

    How’s your weather? You haven’t mentioned it lately. We are supposed to get yet another major snowstorm tomorrow (Monday.) Still up for that trade???

  4. Love the results of your fabric dying.

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