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Makes Me Happy Monday

Standing in the back yard this morning about 7.30am taking a photo of the grey sky over the back fence as it rained was sheer heaven.  We’ve been going through a stinking hot spell.   Today was the first time it has rained this summer.  I stood in the still, warm morning air, breathing in deeply and feeling the cold droplets on my warm skin.  All evidence of it was gone as fast as it came……but it was a truly magic moment.


Comments on: "Makes Me Happy Monday" (6)

  1. oh Miss you described that so well-when reading that I felt like i was there with you,
    glad you saw some rain,cheers Vickie

  2. I love the smell you get when it rains after a long dry spell, a lovely earthy smell. I must say though, at this moment in time, I’m not getting the same thrill with the rain we are having, lol. Hope you get some more of it soon, I know how much you need it

  3. a little rain is better then no rain… I hope it starts to cool down some for you now….
    Lovely description of the event by the way….
    Cath Ü

  4. Please send the rain here we desperately need it. We have been kept cool though by a nice sea breeze.

  5. Mmmm, Summer rain! Too bad if was so brief.

  6. How nice that you were able to savor the moment! We’ve had some freezing rain here, but somehow that just isn’t as romantic or as welcome as a nice Spring or Summer rain, especially after a heat wave.

    Let’s hope that it is a little tease of more to come!

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