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It Ort To Be

My ort jar….sparkly and shiny all ready to be filled each month.  I love these jam jars…..look  lovely filled with buttons….as well a orts!

Christmas Kitty is well on the way to being finished.  It is hot here today – 36 degrees C at lunchtime….and a maximum of 40 degrees C.  The airconditioner is going and Pakistan are batting in the cricket.  I’ve started joining the two sides of this FOSAL ornament as I cheer on the Aussies…..which is a bit dicy, as I trimmed it too close…Slow and careful progress is in order I think!

I had a mooch this morning for another finish this morning which has disappeared!  I quilted an orphan block with bamboo batting…..lovely stuff….to use as a heat/non-scratch pad on the dining table.  I have NO idea where it is.  I’m sure it will turn up soon.


Comments on: "It Ort To Be" (6)

  1. That sounds oh, so familiar. Then I find I put them away and they are where they should be all along. The last three days we have had temperatures above freezing, beginning to feel quite tropical

  2. Absolutely great post title! Have been around looking at all our empty Totally Useless Containers yet? We must get to stitching and fill these babies up!

    You know those “lost little items” are exactly “where you put them so that you’d know where they are”, aaarrrggghhhh.

  3. Aw, he turned out so adorable!!!! I love him.

  4. The Christmas Kitty finish is adorable! Congratulations on making the TU SAL update!

    I’m sure you’ve put it where it won’t get lost! ***sigh***

  5. My “ort jar” is actually any furniture I happen to be stitching near, plus my carpets, pants, socks and slippers – anything soft that catches the threads, LOLOL.

    The backing XS’d with the year of completion is a fabulous way to finish projects – I’ve stored that away in my “AHA! Brilliant idea that I must STEAL!” file 😀

    I can see your orphan block from my computer! It’s right over there —————————–> 🙂

  6. I was just on the blog where the FOSAL was being started…. good idea.. but I think I am way too busy to join this…… what do you do with your orts…????
    Cath Ü

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