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Counting Our Blessings

The Universe has a way of whopping you one when least expected….We got the bushfire “if you are leaving, go now” SMS on our phones yesterday. That combined with seeing gum trees exploding a few houses down from us at the end of our street and four fire bombers going hard at it meant we didn’t hesitate. We bundled Lestat into his travel box, Nibbles into a pillowcase, grabbed our shoulder bags and left. The Missus said I went all shades of grey when I told her we were leaving. It was a horrible decision to make, but not hard, because we were taking what we valued most…..each other and our pets. Passing through the road block was heart wrenching, as I knew we could not go back until whatever was going to happen was over. We were lucky, the fire was contained and there were no injuries (including to my fingers as I held the top of the pillow case shut on an irate weiro) or property damage. The area is still considered “at risk”, so Lestat and Nibbles are at the vet’s until everything is clear. The Missus and I are home and counting our blessings. We both feel very lucky.

The Missus took this piccie of me holding up a quilt top I finished on Sunday night. It had started off as “I’m Blushing”, but evolved into Lestat’s new cover for the kitchen chair he hides/sleeps on, as I ran out of fabric. He currently has a sarong which he gets tangled up in when he tries to get underneath it. He gets most miffed about it, as he previously had the end of a table cloth to hide under. He considers a quilt will be MUCH more suitable!

I’ve been slicing and dicing 6 ½ x 3 ½ inch green bricks today for my next two projects. One set will be for the green strip on a tablecloth with a coin purse design in the lesbian/gay Pride colours with black for the borders. The other set is for a double sided green lap quilt for The Missus. Green is her favourite colour.

The FOSAL rules have changed slightly, so if you would prefer to pick a new project each month, you can. I’ve mooched through some of my Christmas cross stitch patterns and have come up with my “lucky dip” list for FOSAL. My list is…..

A Merry Kitty Klaws – Val’s Stuff; JCS 2007

Be Merry – Val’s Stuff; JCS 2009

Christmas Kitty – The Cat’s Whiskers

Chilly Frillys – Little by Little Designs; JCS 2009

Peace – Cross Stitch Card Shop; December 2008

Rockin’ Robin – 74 Best Ever Xmas Charts; Cross Stitch Crazy

Row of Trees – Jill Oxton’s Cross Stitch Special Issue 1

Santa’s Buddies – Angel Stitchin’; JCS 2009

Scandinavian Style – Fast and Fabulous Christmas Cards; CrossStitcher (English, 2008?)

Santa’s Flight – Shepherd’s Bush; JCS 2009

Starry Night – Shepherd’s Bush; JCS 2008

Sweet Baby – Shepherd’s Bush, JCS 2007

My January pick is Christmas Kitty by The Cat’s Whiskers.

Heidi is co-hosting a Friday Night Sew-In on 15th Jan for night of stitchy goodness…..The details are here. I will be there in my pj’s with a cup of tea, some chocolate and I have no idea what kind of sewing yet! It is a safe bet to assume it will either be machine or hand sewing! 😉

One of Lestat’s favourite hidey holes is a paper bag. It’s not very often that we get a paper bag big enough to fit him, but when we do he makes a bee line for it. As you can see by the look on his face, it is a very serious business.



Comments on: "Counting Our Blessings" (5)

  1. I bet he wishes he had his paper bag now! So glad you are safe and no damage has been done. We have the opposite here, snow has stopped me getting the boys. Looks like it will be the weekend at the earliest I can get them now. 10 days is the longest I have been without them before, we are now 13 days and counting. I’ll be there for the Friday night sew in, just at a different time,

  2. Oh how scary! You know it’s a bad day when you are run out of home by the threat of fire. I hope you get rain soon. ***hugs***

  3. OMG !! I was terrified just reading your post. I’m so glad you guys are OK–I have been so out of touch. If you feel like it, email me and let me know how you are doing. ((HUGS)) to you both!

  4. OMG that is SO scary – I’m so glad you’re home and OK, and I hope L & N come home soon too! This part of your post … “Passing through the road block was heart wrenching, as I knew we could not go back until whatever was going to happen was over. ” … gave me cold chills, because I could imagine how strong the emotions would be at that moment — not knowing what was ahead. So scary 😦

    Today I start on my January FOSAL project – I have to scan the pattern so I can upload it to my computer – the old eyes get worse every year, so I need to keep hitting +++ on my computer to enlarge it, lol!

  5. Andee in AZ said:

    So glad you adn your fur babies are safe! Also happy that your house is fine at this point…WOW very scary, I can’t even imagine!

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