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Where’s The Month Gone???

Ok…who ran off with January? lol It seems to have just zoomed past. I did ask my personal secretary….you can see him sitting ready to take dictation in the above piccie, but he doesn’t seem to know, either.

lalalalalal I am NOT getting annoyed that WordPress has eaten half of this this post…twice!!!


Happy Australia Day

Today we celebrate as a nation who we are and what is great about Australia. It is a day for reflection on all our achievements and for being proud of our remarkable nation. It is a day where we re-affirm our commitment to continue making Australia an even better place for the future. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!

Makes Me Happy Monday

Standing in the back yard this morning about 7.30am taking a photo of the grey sky over the back fence as it rained was sheer heaven.  We’ve been going through a stinking hot spell.   Today was the first time it has rained this summer.  I stood in the still, warm morning air, breathing in deeply and feeling the cold droplets on my warm skin.  All evidence of it was gone as fast as it came……but it was a truly magic moment.

Christmas Kitty

Ta daaaaaaaaa! Christmas Kitty by The Cat’s Whiskers – my first FOSAL  finish for the year. I sat it on the box I’m storing the ornaments in for the year.

To choose next month’s ornament, I asked The Missus to pick a number between 1 and 12. She chose 7, which is Row of Trees from Jill Oxton’s Cross Stitch Special Issue 1.

Makes Me Happy Monday

Munching on a buttered home made blueberry and strawberry muffin while watching the last day  of the (cricket) test match between Australia and Pakistan with a cup of tea in the airconditioning made both The Missus and I happy today!

It Ort To Be

My ort jar….sparkly and shiny all ready to be filled each month.  I love these jam jars…..look  lovely filled with buttons….as well a orts!

Christmas Kitty is well on the way to being finished.  It is hot here today – 36 degrees C at lunchtime….and a maximum of 40 degrees C.  The airconditioner is going and Pakistan are batting in the cricket.  I’ve started joining the two sides of this FOSAL ornament as I cheer on the Aussies…..which is a bit dicy, as I trimmed it too close…Slow and careful progress is in order I think!

I had a mooch this morning for another finish this morning which has disappeared!  I quilted an orphan block with bamboo batting…..lovely stuff….to use as a heat/non-scratch pad on the dining table.  I have NO idea where it is.  I’m sure it will turn up soon.

Friday Night Sew-In

The Missus and I both joined in the Sew-In last night.  We both  worked on a block for A Gardener’s Journal.  I’m making the quilt and she has picked out a few designs she would like to stitch.  I stitched most of the blue on the dress last night.

She has asked me to make this one into a needlecase for her when it is done.  The Missus stitched all of this last night.  It is the second stitchery she has worked on.  She has had a few goes at cross stitch, but found that she prefers this kind of stitching.  She has a stitchery stashed away in the “evacuation bag”.  I think may have a convert!

All the bricks for The Missus’ lap quilt are cut out.  I counted 38 different patterns and 148 dark bricks.  I miscounted the light ones, so need to recount.

This is one side of a tea cozy I finished this morning.  It was made from a couple of orphan blocks and some bamboo batting.   The black adds oomph, as they were a bit wishy washy before.   

I brewed a cup of tea tonight and used the cozy.  It works really well.  The tea even seemed to taste nicer! lol

I cross stitched Four Fat Friends last year simply because it was so cute.  It was sometime later that I decided to make it into a needlecase.