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Tis The Season

Everything’s on track for Christmas Day. I picked up Rufus (the traditional name for the turkey – handed down from my grandparents to my parents to myself) yesterday. The Missus is in charge of wrapping presents Anything I wrap looks like it has been completed by a substance abusing club-footed reindeer. The cards are written and posted where necessary. The Christmas pudding is in the cupboard. (Thank you Big Sister!) We are picking up the ingredients for the salads early on Christmas Eve. We will prepare those and cook Rufus on the same day. I can’t remember being this organised for Christmas – EVER! That must mean it is time to sit down with a cup of tea, a slice of Christmas cake, the cricket (Aussies vs. Windies test match here at the WACA) and some blog reading. 😉

These Jim Shore’s Heartwood Creek Christmas ornaments sit on a hardanger embroidery table runner made by The Missus’ dad. He was a very talented needle worker. All the stitches and cutting are exact.

These are the biscornue I had sitting in the “to be finished” pile. The brown one makes me think of Walker’s shortbread….must be the time of year and the thistles.

Mum and Dad came for a visit on Tuesday and were held up for an hour, which gave me the perfect opportunity to whip up these Halloween cushions. Then it was just a matter of stuffing them while sitting in front of the Evil Dead trilogy last night with The Missus.

The Christmas placemats are on the back burner until I get some wadding. They will be ready for next Christmas instead. I will be ahead. This year I made the two snowflake biscornue in the earlier piccie, a cross stitched ornament and a small Christmas angel quilted table topper. That is plenty of crafty bits.

I have reached my goal of having one more FO than last year. To date this year I’ve finished 54 crafty bits. I first started counting last year out of curiosity. Then kept it up this year. I don’t think I’ll get anything else finished this year, but it has been a good way of keeping my WIPs under control. Not that I ever think I will be working on one project at a time. I find that having a few projects on the go I am less likely to get sick of something.



Comments on: "Tis The Season" (2)

  1. Glad you reached your target. I look forward to seeing what you make in the coming year. Must say, that is one talented dad, I wish I could do such beautiful hardanger

  2. Hooo, good for you getting so organized for Christmas. Much less stress that way.

    Congratulations on all those wonderful finishes! They look terrific! And 54 finishes? Wow!

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