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I had every intention yesterday to begin making the Christmas placemats. Then decided the dining table needed something Christmassy…..Here tis – a quilt as you go log cabin table topper. I was instantly hooked on the quilt as you go method. I can see myself using it again. It was great being small, too, because at the moment I have the attention span of a tadpole, so it was the perfect project.

It was also another one to tick off the list. Last year I finished 53 crafty items. This year I thought I’d see if I could finish one more. If I finish another eight I will do it. I am using it to motivate myself into finishing the pile of cross stitch ornaments and biscornue I have sitting in what seems to be an ever growing pile.


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  1. well yeehaaah I can’t access blogger at the moment but I can get into wordpress..oh Sue you have done a great job-I am glad you found the tutorial workable,cheers Vickie

  2. Hope you reach your target. The table topper looks great, surprised Lestat isn’t sat on it, lol

  3. I think most of us have that same to-be-finished pile and those that don’t are just lying about it!

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