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I was having a serious discussion with Nibbles on his preference for fresh sunflower seeds over packet ones early on Sunday morning about 6am when there was a gust of warm wind and I got the feeling that Christmas was not that far away…..I’m sure some Christmas magic blew in! Either that or I was delusional due to heat exhaustion. I had just cast off a scarf and was getting close to cooked as I was wearing it!

Their Baby Kept by Shepherd’s Bush

CrossStitch 2007 Christmas Ornament Special

DMC floss on 28 count Cashel linen.

It could have something to do with the fact that Christmas is pretty much organised this year…..apart from the cooking…..which is going to be cold turkey and salads….plus the obligatory plum pudding for dessert! I reckon that is a first. Last year I was finishing ornaments for Mum and Dad’s stocking at 2am on Christmas morning….muttering that I will have EVERYTHING finished early in the future! 

I’ve called the scarf Insomnia 2. When I can’t sleep I get up and knit for a while. I find just knitting rows of garter stitch relaxing. There are other advantages too – I get to fondle my stash and have a new scarf for work next winter when I am out on playground duty.


I’ve not had any gratuitous piccies of Lestat for a while….The Missus snapped this piccie of him a couple of weeks ago as he was waking up. He will be ten in January and like all of us as we get older it gets harder to wake up! When he’s not sleeping he still likes to run from one end of the house to the other as if the devil is after him. He came from a cat home as a tiny kitten and has a charmed (and spoilt rotten) life as an indoor cat. He is never far away from me and is always ready to “assist with anything crafty“….Which usually means sitting in the middle of whatever I’m working on.


Top Right – Lace Snowflake complimentary design DMC floss on 14 count aida.  Bottom – unknown designs.  DMC floss on 14 count aida.  

I’m still hooked on biscornue. As you can see, these are in various stages of finishing. I don’t know who designed the patterns for the small ones. I just did the middle and left off the outside border on the brown one. The snowflake is going to be one of this year’s new Christmas ornaments if it gets finished….if not it will be an new one next year!.

From left to right: Night Owl – Prairie Schooler, Pumpkin On Gingham – , Batty Jack – (with modifications)Just CrossStitch 2008 Halloween Issue. DMC threads on 14 count aida.


These three will be added to our Halloween collection next year. Halloween isn’t celebrated in a big way here in Australia….but that doesn’t stop us having ghoul-lash for dinner, followed by frog in the pond for dessert with I-scream and a scary movie to follow!

Cross Stitch Crazy Issue 116DMC threads on 14 count aida.


 A no calorie cup cake is always a good thing…..This one will find its way to the front of a tea towel.


Comments on: "It’s Starting To Look A Lot Like Christmas" (3)

  1. Looks like you have been very busy, you’ve worn poor Lestat out!

  2. oh wow Sue you have kept them fingers busy that’s for sure, lovely stitching there ,cheers vickie

  3. Goodness you have been so busy! I really love the Halloween finishes!

    Awww, hugs for Lestat!

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