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Oooooooooh, It Is OOGLIE!!!

No piccies today…the cross stitch I’ve been working on for the past couple of days is so horrible it wouldn’t even look good if you looked at it through beer goggles on! It is so ooglie that you would go blind in one eye just looking at it! I wouldn’t want to do that to you. It’s not often that I start something that I really don’t like….I glanced at it a few minutes ago and felt quite faint…..Now being a fan of the macabre I have a pretty strong stomach, but it was just too much. In the bin with it. For about a nano-second I considered persevering with it….but it is just beyond hope. What would you do with a piece (big or small) you loathed?

(A) Bury it in the part of the back garden where nothing ever grows in the dead of night.

(B) Keep going in the vain hope that the cross stitch fairy will take pity, wave her magic wand and transform it into something wonderful.

 (C ) Hide it at the bottom of your WIP pile, secure in the knowledge that it will never see the light of day.

(D) Make it into a sachet and fill it with catnip…then leave it in the garden where your neighbour’s mangy cat which lies on your prize flowers and flattens them will find it. The cat will be so traumatised it will never darken your garden bed again!

(E) Turn it into a miniature wall hanging and place it in a prominent place on the front porch and use it as a way to discourage unwanted sales people.

(F) Insert your own answer here.


Comments on: "Oooooooooh, It Is OOGLIE!!!" (4)

  1. Too good. Love this post. I’m trying to figure out how you ever got started on something then suddenly decided it was oooglie. I’m going with the ‘discourage salesmen’ option, anything that can do that has got to be good.

  2. I love the idea of putting out to scare away unwanted visitors, but with my luck, it would become a conversation piece. So my usual, is to bury it in my stash. Then one brave days, several years down the road, I’ll be brave and toss it, only to be buried in guilt. lol But as I’ve gotten older, the guilt doesn’t last as long, thankfully!

    It is good to have you back!

  3. C is my usual ploy, but they always seem to work their way to the top again.


    My answer:
    F) Finish the darn thing. And finish it badly. Then give it to a disliked relative in hopes they feel obligated to keep it on display.

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