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Tea Towels And Appliqué


Lestat recovering from International Talk Like A Pirate Day. 


Friday night I came across Sindy Rodenmayer’s site with oodles of fantastic freebie appliqué designs.  There were some Halloween designs for table runners, placemats etc. and I thought why not use three on a set of tea towels?  It was the perfect project, as I was looking for something I could complete in an afternoon.  It was good practise for satin stitch on the sewing machine.  It is the first time I’ve ever appliquéd in this way.  There are a few wobbly bits, but I don’t care, as I love them all!  The middle pumpkin is my favourite.  I love its evil looking eyes and stalk.

The Missus suggested I could appliqué tea towels for different seasons and holidays using coloring pages for the appliqué.  I thought that was a great idea, as my drawing is horrible!  A prime example of that is when a young student asked me to draw a horse for him, which I did……then he asked me what it was! rofl   

I have a collection of  appliqué quilt patterns by The Chook Shed. I used to appliqué these by hand using blanket stitch, but had to stop a few years ago because I developed carpel tunnel.  After having a go at satin stitch on the machine this arvo I was jumping for joy, as I realised I could appliqué on the machine.  Previously I’d used raw edge appliqué on the machine, but it is not my favourite way of doing it.  It was almost as good as being able to cross stitch again.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, craft filled week!


Comments on: "Tea Towels And Appliqué" (3)

  1. Those are great! Ye definitely a creative wench aren’t ye? Oops, TLAP day is over, ain’t it? :p I’m still lol’ing @ “a pox on your hotmail”. Ha!

  2. I love the way cats cuddle their noses.
    These teatowels are such fun.

  3. Oh so cute! Just think how festive your home will be now!

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