Cross-stitch, quilting, craft….

Aaaarrrgghhhh me hearties!  There be a solution to me Blogger  problem….A cutlass poking into the small of yer back does wonders to yer attitude as yer inchin’ yer way along that narrow piece of timber.  Seeing those sharks circling underneath is motivating in itself….Not that ye would have to worry….those are MAN eating sharks!   

Blogger blogs are being added back to the sidebar a few at a time….So if ye don’t see yers yet, have a bottle of rum.  Ye will see it there soon  and be happy in the waitin’ !

Mad Dog….where be ye?  A pox on yer hotmail….It keeps bouncin’ me messages back faster than rats leaving a sinkin’ ship!


Comments on: "Blogger’s Teeterin’ On The End Of The Plank" (1)

  1. ahh me heartie emails bouncing eh? mUst be that extra slippery rubber yah smeared over the end of the plank eh?

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