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I started My Needle’s Work last weekend. I’m stitching it on a piece of off white 20 count pearl linen from my stash. The needle just glides through it. I’m using two threads, which makes it stand out from the fabric. The edges are well taped up, as it frays a lot. It is the first time I’ve used Cresent Colours and I love the shades….and the names…..Wild Berries, Almost Auburn, Hickory Stitcks, Weeping Willow, Sunkissed, Khaki Mocha, Secondhand Rose.
Cross stitch is sometimes like alchemy…Before I added the red to the rooster it didn’t really look like anything….just a brown blob….Then the comb and wattle were stitched and it suddenly looked like a rooster….magic!


“Such is life”…..were the last words supposed to be uttered by our most famous bush ranger Ned Kelly. You can find a photo of his head gear and other interesting links here….and a link to one of Sidney Nolan’s paintings of Ned here. Ned Kelly Kitty will make much more sense after having a squiz at the links. I haven’t gone completely mad by stitching grey rectangles for cat heads! The pic is the back of Ned Kelly Kitty.


The Missus and I had a Stitch and Bitch on Friday night. She is really flying along with her stitching. She has even picked out a few more to do, after she has finished this one.


When The Missus came home the other night she gave me this lovely bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates….a wonderful surprise. They’re in a vase on the wash basin in the ensuite bathroom, as Lestat has had a really bad habit of deheading flowers since he was a kitten. (I used to feel like Morticia Adams) He was living up to his name, I think!


I spent a chunk of yesterday drawing up stitcheries from Anni Downs of Hatched And Patched – A Gardener’s Journal. When I have (eventually) stitched them all, I plan on making the quilt from the book.


Comments on: "Alchemy" (5)

  1. I love those curly whiskers, fantastic.
    Crescent colours are lovely to use, but I wonder who thought of Secondhand Rose?

  2. Loving the rooster and the kitties! And what a sweet Missus you have to bring you those lovely flowers–they’re gorgeous! And Lestat–yes he lives up to his name. I read Interview with The Vampire when I was about 11 and was hooked!

  3. Beautiful start on MNW! I like the fancy names of overdyed threads too. It must be fun to think them up!

    Cats really like to “get back to nature” when it comes to cut flowers. I always had to put any flowers way up high to keep them away from Daffy. She would tip them over and make a real mess!

  4. Loving all the latest stitching and you’ve got the Misses in to it too. GREAT stuff. Can’t beat ’em, join ’em……

  5. Love the ned kelly kitty – great idea. Your flowers are lovely. The rooster looks great. I love the names of the cresent colours, they really make the imagination spark.

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