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Disappearing Act

I will not be posting for a while……but *said in my best Terminator voice*  I vill be back!


Creative Places and Spaces

Suzie recently posed a question about our creative spaces. I reckon I could be creative perched on a barbed wire fence. Where I create, depends on what craft I am focussed on. I tend to spread myself over the house. I have a spot in the family room for my computer and sewing desk….I utilise the dining room table when I am pinning a quilt or making a mixed media piece.

Curled up on the settee is a favourite place for cross stitch or knitting….unless the weather is fine. Then I can be found sitting out the back under the veranda, keeping company with Nibbles….who has distinct likes and dislikes when it comes to colour….he turns his back on black, white or any shade of brown. He is the main reason my sewing machine is in the family room and not my study. I like talking to him as I sew. I’d like to bring him inside….and I’m sure Lestat would love that, too…but it is just not practical…..and potentially dangerous, as there are many weiros which have barbequed themselves chewing on electrical wires around the house!

The Missus occasionally surprises me with a whimsical, cute and always colourful notebook. She reckoned it was preferable to my previous scribblings on napkins, the backs of shopping dockets and scraps of note paper. I have these dotted around the house and in my handbags for jotting down ideas as they pop into my head. Sometimes these can be quite cryptic….I found one yesterday which was a sketch of a rectangle with an arrow pointing to nine small circles inside it with the words french knots or beads. It took me a few minutes of puzzling before I figured out this was a diagram of a felted broach with 3 x 3 rows of french knots. The Missus and I had seen it in an art gallery during the last school holidays. It was one of those “I like that….I can do that!” moments….The price tag of $45 was motivating, too! That is an idea I had tucked away for the summer months when I like to play around with felting.

Sometimes ideas come from something completely unrelated to craft. The Missus is an avid Wonder Woman collector. I glanced at a picture taken from a comic yesterday morning and casually thought “that would make a good appliqué”, then forgot about it….or so it seemed…..As The Missus and I were sitting eating lunch in town yesterday, I asked if she would be interested in a Wonder Woman wall hanging. She said she would, so I began bouncing ideas off her about it. The basics are sketched out….and I’m raring to go!

We were watching an episode of Space 1999 when a character spoke the spine chilling words….”Resistance is futile!”…..many years before The Borg on Star Trek! That one small phrase had me scribbling in a notebook….”Foundation pieced star quilt using a piece of every fabric in my stash.” I think that could be true for many of us….resistance is futile when we are faced with potential stash!

Yo-Yo Ma collaborated with artists from various media to make a film using Bach’s Six Suites For Unaccompanied Cello….which triggered off another idea yesterday. As I listened to each suite, I thought about what colour it would be. I now have the basis for a twelve block wall hanging which I am calling Inspired By Ma.

The Missus is my muse. She has a good eye for colour….is honest….plus encourages me no matter how nutty an idea might sound! I regularly discuss ideas with her….and we jokingly say she quilts vicariously! She knows a lot about quilting techniques and can recognise a dresden plate or flying geese at 50 paces!

The internet is a gold mine of inspiration….People are so generous sharing their ideas, techniques and projects on blogs, You Tube, Ravelry etc. My obsession with interest in cross stitch was reignited by reading blogs.

Print media has always been important to me….and I can’t imagine that changing. I have a book case bursting with magazines, craft and art books.

So, it is a case of……anywhere, anytime….when it comes to creative spaces. I do find I get more creative and start more projects during the holidays….but that is more to do with time….or lack of it….

Tea Towels And Appliqué


Lestat recovering from International Talk Like A Pirate Day. 


Friday night I came across Sindy Rodenmayer’s site with oodles of fantastic freebie appliqué designs.  There were some Halloween designs for table runners, placemats etc. and I thought why not use three on a set of tea towels?  It was the perfect project, as I was looking for something I could complete in an afternoon.  It was good practise for satin stitch on the sewing machine.  It is the first time I’ve ever appliquéd in this way.  There are a few wobbly bits, but I don’t care, as I love them all!  The middle pumpkin is my favourite.  I love its evil looking eyes and stalk.

The Missus suggested I could appliqué tea towels for different seasons and holidays using coloring pages for the appliqué.  I thought that was a great idea, as my drawing is horrible!  A prime example of that is when a young student asked me to draw a horse for him, which I did……then he asked me what it was! rofl   

I have a collection of  appliqué quilt patterns by The Chook Shed. I used to appliqué these by hand using blanket stitch, but had to stop a few years ago because I developed carpel tunnel.  After having a go at satin stitch on the machine this arvo I was jumping for joy, as I realised I could appliqué on the machine.  Previously I’d used raw edge appliqué on the machine, but it is not my favourite way of doing it.  It was almost as good as being able to cross stitch again.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, craft filled week!

Blogger’s Teeterin’ On The End Of The Plank

Aaaarrrgghhhh me hearties!  There be a solution to me Blogger  problem….A cutlass poking into the small of yer back does wonders to yer attitude as yer inchin’ yer way along that narrow piece of timber.  Seeing those sharks circling underneath is motivating in itself….Not that ye would have to worry….those are MAN eating sharks!   

Blogger blogs are being added back to the sidebar a few at a time….So if ye don’t see yers yet, have a bottle of rum.  Ye will see it there soon  and be happy in the waitin’ !

Mad Dog….where be ye?  A pox on yer hotmail….It keeps bouncin’ me messages back faster than rats leaving a sinkin’ ship!

Avast Me Hearties!

Aye. AHOY!!! Today be International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Aye, me name for this day is Rancid Cynthia Slaughter. Gar, Where can I find a bottle o’rum?

Ahoy, all pirate ships need a cat…….aye all pirates need a parrot. Lestat is Jelly Legs Wade. Nibbles is Frownin’ Hidalgo Dawkins arrr, for the day. Aye, me parrot concurs.

Ye be talkin’ like one, too, matey?

The WOW Factor


I will be off-line for a few weeks after Tuesday night…..I’m looking forward to catching up with some serious blog reading when I get back!!!!