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Some Things Never Change

When The Missus and I lived in the country, to celebrate that we had survived until hump week of each term we’d jump in the car, take a two hour trek to the nearest large town and spend a weekend enjoying civilisation….Since we moved back to the big smoke nothing has changed…..we still like to celebrate…..without all the travel….and we also get to sleep in our own bed!


I continued the tradition on Friday night after work as I trekked over to the (not so) LNS.  I jotted down black, orange and green fabric on a note for myself….orange and black for Count LeScarrot by Just Nan plus Boo To You and All About Halloween by Homespun Elegance.  14 count aida in green???  I have NO idea what I wanted it for…..but got a fq of it for when I remember!  No black….but I made up for it!


Isn’t the raven in Nevermore delectable?  I didn’t even notice the cat pattern @ first.  I’ve been reading Edgar Allen Poe since I was in primary school….and The Raven is a firm favourite.  The cat is gorgeous too… I grabbed the grey fabric for that.  (The one in the middle of the pic that looks like khaki!)  Nevermore I’m going to stitch on some coffee dyed evenweave I’ve got in my stash.

The cat designs by Calico Crossroads are so much fun to stitch.  I couldn’t go past In Stitches. 


The Missus and I sat down for a Stitch and Bitch on Friday night…..It was changed from a SAL, as The Missus reckons it is a real bitch when you keep stabbing your finger over and over.  She stitched the right hand cat on her WISP and I reckon she did a great job, as she is a beginner stitcher.  I worked on the hearts.  I hadn’t centered it properly when I traced it, so rinsed the calico and retraced it.  It felt peculiar stitching on something so floppy….even in a hoop.  I don’t prewash fabrics before I use them, as I like the stiffness the size gives. 

In a continued celebration of hump week The Missus and I had a scrumptious lunch @ our favourite café.  Then we wandered over to the bead shop where I found a cute cat on a broom stick charm.  I intended getting just one bead, but I reckon coming out of there with change out of five dollars was good!


The next stop was our favourite book shop, where the damage was much more severe!  I did a shibori course a couple of years ago, that was worse than useless.  All the techniques we were supposed to learn (and didn’t) were in Shibori Designs and Techniques…..How could I resist?

There are over 20 project ideas in Mixed Mania.  I’ve dabbled in mixed media on and off for nearly ten years.  The two gals who wrote this book have both contributed to Cloth, Paper, Scissors and I really like their style.

The excitement of finding those two books paled in comparison to the giddiness I felt when I spotted The Winds Of Dune.  I thought this series was finished with Paul Of Dune….Joy of joys….The Throne Of Dune is forthcoming!!!!


Here’s my progress on Ned Kelly Kitty.  I’m making it into a dangly thing for The Missus to pin up on her office board @ work.  It is more like the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland than a bushranger at the moment.

The OS gift is finished….but not photos until it reaches its destination.


I’ve finished the dark brown part of the skirt of the TOT Fairy…..just in the nick of time, as I didn’t have much floss left!  After her dress is finished, I’m moving her up from being a weekend only stitch….I’d like to make more progress on her.   

Wishing you a happy and crafty week.


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  1. Wonderful stash! It really gripes me when I’ve written something down and I don’t remember what it’s for. I think we get too many ideas zipping around our brains!

    Great progress on TOT…it looks like you could have a happy dance well before Halloween!

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