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This biscornu for the Missus I’ve named Chaotic Cup Cakes.  It is my second go at this pattern by The Floss Studio and I think the name is entirely appropriate.  The first one I made was on pearl linen.  It unravelled so much there was not enough seam left to stitch the two sides together.  That one went into the round filing cabinet and I ignored the pattern until I could look at it without feeling annoyed. 

This time I couldn’t put my finger on what it was that I didn’t like about it until I had finished stitching all the cupcakes….Then I realised on two of them the stitches were back to front…..It took me a few looks to figure that one out, as I was turning the aida as I scrutinised it….which made that particular cupcake look ok….I had also been turning the aida as I stitched each cup cake….Hence back to front stitching on two of them!  A quick frogging….a few evil looks at the frogs on the bookcase (which were sitting having a quiet chuckle)….a couple of nights stitching and all was fixed! 

Then it was time to write the finish date on the pattern and a few final notes…..and I realised that I had been making notes with the book upside down.  Definitely a chaotic design!

I added the beads as little cherries, as they stand out more than a cross stitch.  I have no idea what brand, size etc. they are.  They have made the colours come together and finish off the stitching.  I’ve been using them for quite a few years instead of french knots on cross stitch Christmas cards.  I filled it with white stuffing beads.  I like how these give a little bit of weight to biscornues.

During the week I also started a little gift for ?????????….no piccies of that one yet!


I finished the Believe square from Gail Pan’s BOM (there’s a link in the sidebar) while having a cuppa tea with The Missus.  I’m enjoying stitching these.  I’ve picked out the block “peace” to do next.    These have become a Friday night staple.  At the end of the week my brain is too fried to concentrate on anything more complicated! lol  I’m getting extremely curious about how Gail is going to finish them off….even though I will probably be ready to finish mine next year sometime. 


The Missus and I have decided to make Friday a SAL night.  This is Blessed Are the Cats designed by Barb Smith.  The Missus has started hers already and I’ll have, mine ready to go by Friday.  I’m thinking of using some of the leftover threads from Peaceful Forest for it.  I’m looking forward to us sitting and stitching together.  The ink which dissolves in water is a wonderful invention….but the fat nib on the pen I used to trace the design is not!

When I make deadlines I like to make them lllllllloooooooonnnnnnggggggggg… finishing the TOT Fairy for Halloween 2010 or finishing The Monolith for Christmas.  I’m up to the section on the TOT Fairy which I frogged a few times, so am quadruple checking that I’m following the pattern!  I’ve tackled it from the bottom up this time, which I think will help, too, as I hopefully won’t have a “memory” of it with mistakes! 

I’ve had a think about how I’m going to finish Four Fat Friends….and have decided to make a pin keep.  I’ve admired many on people’s blogs, but have never finished a cross stitch in this way before.  It will be fun…..and I will have a trip to the scrapbooking shop just up the road and round the corner for some lovely ribbon to use on it.  I wonder what else will follow me home?  *grinz*


The pattern for this little beastie is from the book Softies.  It was fun to make and an easy first (finished) project on my new sewing machine.  Previous to this I’d been zooming up and down on a piece of homespun to check out all the stitches….kept me quiet for a few hours *big grin*.  After that I played around with a couple of Teapotz blocks thinking I’d make a bag or two to for the sewing machine foot and cord.  To cut a long story short….one block ended up in the round filing cabinet and the other in Coventry….again.  Softies are fun to make and I can see a few more being made from both Softies and More Softies in the near future….especially more owls for Halloween.


This is the pattern I based my softie on….Notice the ears?  I made two lovely pink ears…the same colour as the face……then forgot to sew them on!  Nothing new…I forget to sew in bag handles on a regular basis.  lol  I plan on making another softie soon and will sew all the way around, then cut a hole in the back for stuffing….I find it gives a much rounder head.

 This week’s stitching will start with the TOT Fairy tonight….she has been a bit neglected over the last couple of weekends.  During the week I plan on making a  fob for my new scissors.  I’m leaning towards the Ned Kelly Kitty.  (One of the patterns I bought at the craft fair a couple of weeks ago.)  The other two I’m thinking about making into little door danglies for Halloween and Christmas, rather than fobs.  I may even be able to get a second one started…..after flipping a coin to choose which one to make first!

 Wishing you a safe, craft filled week.


Comments on: "Chaotic Cupcakes and other Oddities" (4)

  1. Oh don’t it just do my head in when I see something ain’t quite right..and I look and look and then derr whack slap bang it hits me in the well that’s when it becomes a unique “me” item hehehe….I looked at your softie and thought hmm that be bright.looks kewl..looked at the pic in the book and thought hmmm yep they is odd lookin characters..then I re read your text and noticed about the I am slow on the up take tonight..cheers Vickie

  2. The beads are perfect for the cherries. Hope the week ahead won’t be as topsy turvy. The softies look fun, even without the ears

  3. Wow! You have been busy!! And despite your trials and tribulations, your biscornu is adorable, and the little beads are a wonderful embellishment!

    Your “Believe” is so delicate and lovely! I’m anxious to see the finish!

    And I’m a big cat lover, so I’m also anxious to see what you do with this pattern! It looks like a lot of fun!!

    As for your softies? Ears or not, they are adorable!! And one can get as creative as one feels with them! After all, they each need their own personalities! What fun!!

    Thanks so much for sharing your latest! As always, your stitching is fantastic!!

  4. Awesome biscornu! Cupcakes are such fun! Whenever I start a biscornu, I take a piece of thread and tie it at the top. This way I can tell at a glance which way is up!

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