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Stitch Me! Stitch Me!


Do you ever hear a design calling to you? Begging to be worked on? I gave into that voice last weekend and started stitching Four Fat Friends, a complementary design by The Drawn Thread. I finished it a short while ago while watching The Ashes…..COME ON AUSSIE!!!! It’s the lunch break now….so a good time to have a cuppa and write a blog.

I really couldn’t get the design out of my head and it was fun to stitch. The pattern recommended Weeks Dye Works threads, which I’m not particularly keen on, so used DMC instead. (The colours are at the end of the blog entry.) I changed the brown on the birds to black so they would be more like the robins which The Missus and I have seen down in the south west of the state.

I haven’t got a clue how I’m going to finish this one yet….but plan on having it as a Christmas design, so have a few more months to think about it yet! If I do tuck it away, I will need to make a note of where I’ve put it, as I have a habit of putting things away in a “safe place”, then forgetting all about them. It can lead to some interesting surprises!

I stitched the whole of the tree first and came to the conclusion that it would make a fabulous base for a Halloween design….an odd autumn toned leaf hanging from the branches and an owl or ghoulie or two instead of the robins…..It could be a summer holiday project!

Four Fat Friends DMC colours
Tree trunk and branches                DMC 3031
Leaves                                                    DMC 904
Bird bodies                                           DMC 816
Bird feathers, beaks and legs        DMC 310


Comments on: "Stitch Me! Stitch Me!" (3)

  1. oh my I can see why it was calling to you, you have done another superb job there-well done,cheers Vickie

  2. Very appropriately named, they are fabulous

  3. It looks great! I could see 4 fat pumpkins too!

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