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Craft In The City


The glorious winter weather today led to a trip into town with a stroll through the markets outside the Art Gallery where The Missus and I found these two cute little critters.  Their plaintive cries just wrenched at both our heart strings, so what could we do besides adopt them?  They are now settling well into their new homes. 


A trip to town would not be complete without dropping into Boffins (my favourite book store) where I found these two books….and after seeing a pair of  mass produced acrylic long fingerless gloves for $50 in David Jones (department store) I decided the two books @ $30 each were a good investment! 


I had the most wonderful parcel waiting for me when I picked up the mail this week.   It was from Lene

She had read that I’m collecting cat fabrics and asked if I would like some of her scraps.  Her generosity has me grinning from ear to ear.  All the fabrics are lovely!  The cat on the card is very cute….and the quote on the panel (I made myself a quilt….but my cat thinks it’s hers.)  made me laugh…..and think of Lestat (who thinks ANYTHING soft and worth sitting on is fair game). Thank you so much, Lene….and yes, I can put them to good use!


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  1. That fabric is fantastic and the books look well worth there money

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