Cross-stitch, quilting, craft….

Lemonade Scones Prep
make lemonade scones.

1 cup lemonade
1 cup cream
3 cups self raising flour

Preheat oven to 220 degrees C. Mix all ingredients with a wooden spoon, being careful not to over-mix. Roll out to about 2cm thick. Cut out with scone or biscuit cutter. Brush with a little milk, place on a baking tray in the oven. Bake for 10 – 20 minutes until they sound hollow when tapped underneath.

Cafe de GUM
share their light, fluffy goodness over a pot of Irish Breakfast Tea with The Missus.
Le Tour de France Capelet
weave in the ends of Le Tour de France capelet and then give it a bit of a swish through in some wool wash. I’ve noticed three dropped stitches….It is times like this I’m glad I have a collection of craft books any state library would be proud of  few knitting books….I should be able to find out how to fix the problem.

It was going to be a full sized shawl, but would become too heavy to wear comfortably. I can still do my Pythonesque old hag impersonation if I wear it over my head….”YARN….YARN FOR THE POOR”.

finish off the last few rows on the Insomnia Scarf. It was so becoming when I modelled it for The Missus wearing my hot pink penguin pj’s.

Angel and Bee
add a binding to the On Angels Wings wall hanging and make a new one that is larger than the width of the dowel for Bee Kind To Others.

DMC Sheep
make a lavender sachet using the lavender I dried yesterday and a cross stitched sheep from Shepherd’s Bush ….until disaster struck…..I dried the lavender within an inch of its life yesterday and it doesn’t smell of anything much. Sooooooo….being the Queen of Adaptability….I decided it would make a cute little cushion instead.

Pearl linen should come with a warning, though….It frays like crazy. Of course this came to my notice when I was reverse stuffing the lavender…..Next time I will hopefully remember the fray stop and a very large seam.


finish off the day with a bit of stitching on the TOT Fairy.  I’m thinking about using Kreinik thread instead of beads….but I may change my mind many, many times before I get that far.


Comments on: "Today Is A Good Day To…." (5)

  1. Your work looks great! Very satisfying to do I’m sure.
    And I just love the lemonade scone recipe. Only way I’ve ever made a successful scone is when I’ve used this recipe.

  2. Definitely a productive day. The scones look delicious. Love Bee Kind, and I hope you manage to sort out the dropped stiches

  3. Sounds like a dreamy sunday. lounging about in penguim pjs, a yummy breakfast and let the day come slowly. think thats how ill spend my day.

    now where are my comfy pjs….

  4. Oooo, scones ~ major yum!

    I love the sheep pillow. Sorry your lavender didn’t smell, how sad!

  5. Food just looks better on someone else’s blog, lol! I’m snagging that recipe! Your TOT lady looks great and she is of course on my list of things to do. You’re shocked, aren’t you? I LOVE it!! Everything else looks great and I hope you can mend your dropped stitches!

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