Cross-stitch, quilting, craft….


The more desperate the scrubbing, the more stubborn the stain.

Cats and fairy dust don’t mix.

It is possible to reach the burning point of basil in a food dehydrator.

Rotary cutters are extremely sharp.

Tapestry needles don’t always vacate fingers voluntarily.

Hot glue guns are just that….hot.

Yarn and embroidery cotton can become knotty.

I will find a use for (insert appropriate crafty product) within an hour of the LCS closing on a Saturday.

My ability to read instructions is akin to a senile echidna’s.

It’s not a safe place if I can’t remember where it is.

Close the kitchen window when playing outside with smelly substances and the slow cooker.


Comments on: "Things I’ve Learned From Craft (And Sometimes Wish I Hadn’t)" (1)

  1. Found out this week that DS1 found out to his cost how sharp rotary cutters are. Apparently, the blade didn’t look sharp, so he ran his finger along it. It took a few seconds, but the pain soon set in! He now knows why they come with a cover, lol

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