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Insert bad words here  Three months ago I made the move from Blogger to WordPress due to multiple screens popping up when I visited a Blogger blog…..It is still happening…..32 on the last bombardment.   I’ve favourited all my Blogger links and deleted them from my blog roll to save me from temptation until the problem is fixed. 


Comments on: "Doesn’t Play Well With Others" (5)

  1. oh wow that sure sounds wierd…how icky for you

  2. not nice!

  3. I haven’t had that happen in ages. Have you updated your windows lately?

  4. sniffles and cries a bit… now who will comment on my art. Your comments always make me see my art in a totally new light.
    seriously tho i have no idea why you are getting popups. my art blog is there and i never get popups at all. thinking theres an outside influence maybe?

  5. Sounds like you have a virus, on your computer, or something that has attatched itself to the blogger site. Its definitely not right having pop-ups come up like that.
    Do you have a virus scanner ?
    If you want some, or need some help, please email me, and I will do my best to help you.
    Have missed your posts and humor since you left blogger, and yes, its taken me this long to update my links. I’m a bit slow these days 🙂

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