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Dammit!!  You would think that after reading all those sci-fi stories for all these years that I would know not to enter a swirling vortex…..I’d just sat down to write a blog entry when it happened….Next thing I knew I was whooshed back in time to writing Thursday’s entry instead of Friday’s!  There is a good side to it though…..I can relive all the stitchy goodness.  You have to admit it sounds more exciting than yesterday’s writing just didn’t make it into a post.


Sewing the binding on the back of a quilt…even a small one like this….is not my favourite thing to do….but it is made much more pleasant sitting with a cup of Irish Breakfast Tea, watching an episode of the 1960’s British tv series UFO.  (This series has grown on me so much that whenever I hear the theme music I start go-go dancing like a demented Muppet.  It got to the stage today where The Missus and I were go-go dancing like a pair of Thunderbird marionettes….Pity it was the last episode.)  The binding is finished, now all it needs is a sleeve.  That will go on after I’ve finished quilting Holiday Morning. 


 This piccie is The Seasons from material obsessions 2 by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke.  It is 135 x 138 cm (53 ¼ x 54 ¼ inches).  A good stash busting project, I think and my next big project.  I think I have enough black homespun to make a border (any excuse to use a bit of black….*cue the evil laugh*) and I will be able to put some of those fat quarter packs I have tucked away to good use.


Not before I make a bag or two….The Missus has just walked into the house and given me the “Complete step-by-step Aussie guide” Patchwork Bags.  I’ve got a reason to learn how to put in zips now.  I’m in 7th Heaven….21 bags to make ……and a CD…Buddhist Chants Music For Contemplation and Reflection.


Geesh!  What those swirling vortexes do to your complexion….No wonder Dr Who has to regenerate.

DSC04927 Today is just full of sharp, pointy goodness….A visit to the post office led me to pick up At Knit’s End and Things I Learned From Knitting…whether I wanted to or not by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (The Yarn Harlot).  Being pocket editions they came at a great price.  Plus a trip to the (not so) LNS. 


How do I manage to plan my trips there during lashing rain and wind?  It was worth the trip, though…..Just being in a shop totally dedicated to stitchy goodness makes me swoon and go weak at the knees ….I’ve had my eye on these three Sheperd’s Bush designs ever since I walked into the store today for a few months and decided today was the day they moved to their new home.  Their numbers have been dwindling slowly and the ones I want may not be there the next time I visit….especially if the time between visits is lengthy…..J who has works there asked if I’ve been busy….it was THAT long since my last visit.

 I’ll be stitching the two stockings for The Missus and I.  I chose Anna’s Stocking for her, but am changing the red on the angel’s outfit to green (her favourite colour).  I couldn’t go past Jillian’s Stocking….especially with all the cute sheep.  It is amazing how time and distance can make something cute….A few years ago The Missus and I were living in a town with 100 people and in the surrounding properties….4 000 (mostly merino) sheep.  Sheep were NOT cute back then. 

Shepherd’s Earth has the most lovely muted colours and I’m ready for a small break from all the browns of the TOT fairy.  I’ve been thinking about making some potpourri from herbs in the garden and one of the smaller stitcheries (or a sheep) will be just right for the front of it.

He who works with his hands is a labourer,

He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman,

He who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist.

                                                              FRANCIS OF ASSISI


Comments on: "An Extended Moment In Time" (2)

  1. I love the seasons wall hanging, look forward to seeing yours. The boys have got into the Champions. Think it was just to have a good laugh at the not so special effects,lol

  2. Cute little angel quilt! One of my favourite parts of quilting is sewing the binding on and I also love to drink Irish Breakfast tea. 🙂

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