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Kissing Frogs



The chrysanthemums have no leaves…the basil is full of holes and there are various other plants in the back garden showing serious signs of being snail and bug dinner…..but I knew it was all worth it when The Missus found this motorbike frog in the back yard tonight.  We get a lot of frogs in the back garden and use no pesticides, snail bait, herbicides etc….and have heard this rather loud specimen (or a relative) a lot over the past few nights…so we know the garden is healthy….even if it is rather chewed.


Comments on: "Kissing Frogs" (3)

  1. what a gorgeous little friend

  2. He is adorable! Wait, can frogs be adorable??? Grow more bug food so he can get fat!

  3. It’s very rewarding when you find the little creatures isn’t it? On Saturday night we said hello to a hedgehog. In the case of frogs it’s normally the cats that find them (though they haven’t hurt any yet they just seem to love to make them jump!)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Love the cosy shawl you’re working on for the tour and I read back until I found a picture of Lestat in the middle of everything – what a beauty.

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