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Viva le Tour!

It is that time of year again when the Missus and I spend the wee hours watching a small black box which contains men wearing funny hats and lycra pants zoom around various parts of Europe on aerodynamic deadly treadlies…..chanting GO! GO! GO! to our favourites and FALL OFF! FALL OFF! to the opposition….The Missus is more polite than me, she chants the latter in her head.


During this exciting time of the year I can’t be trusted to play safely with small pointy objects, so I move onto the big blunt ones instead….with fat or furry yarn in garter stitch so when I get excited and the tension goes to pot (so much sometimes that I can barely get the second needle in) it isn’t noticeable. In previous years I’ve knitted a scarf, but having one on the needles already for DS, decided a shawl would be the go.  This is a simple one….increasing at both ends every second row; made with the slubby yarn I bought last week.  I bought the needles yesterday on a crafty shop hop.  I visited two yarn shops and a craft chain store and only spent $5.50 on the needles and an embroidery hoop.  I didn’t find any yarn I liked….I’m still in shock.


I found this two metre long member of the species Fabricus Horriblus lurking in my stash this afternoon.  Normally I can identify where I bought each piece of fabric in my stash….Mainly because stash building used to involve a one and a half to two hour drive to the nearest quilt shop through endless wheat fields; keeping an eye out for kamikaze kangaroos and various other species of wild life whose sole purpose in life was to fling itself in front of my moving car….Not this fabric…It is so gruesome the  feathered fabric connoisseur Nibbles nearly fell off his perch with fright when he saw it….I must have been so traumatised this afternoon when I pulled it out that it caused some type of amnesia.  The Missus and I have a theory that it must have been REALLY cheap and I bought it for backing Christmas quilty bits….That is my story and I’m sticking to it! 

I’ve put a piece of it to good use…I’m using it as backing for On Angel Wings….which is pinned up and ready for quilting on Wednesday…..The Missus and I are going to an exclusive quilting retreat @ Cafe de Gum….So exclusive we will be the only ones there!  I plan on spending the day machine stitching raw edge applique On Angels Wings and Holiday Morning.  The Missus wants to expand her drawing skills to include Steampunk.


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  1. Sounds like a lovely retreat, peaceful. Hope the Tour doesn’t leave you too stressed

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