Cross-stitch, quilting, craft….

The night was dark and stormy,

The dunny light was dim (damn environmentally friendly globes!),

I heard a crash,

Then like a flash….

Our fence had fallen in!


It is stormy here and we thought Nibbles house had fallen over, so were rather surprised to see the fence down. Fortunately there was nobody outside at the time and a fence is fixable.  The Missus was the calm one….she grabbed the keys to unlock the sliding door….I was trying to run through it to check on the childerbeast!


The wonderful State Emergency Volunteers have been and the damage to the gas hot water system and the reverse cycle air-conditioning is minimal (It doesn’t normally lean up against the wall lik e it is in the piccie)…just scratches.  The fence was just resting up against both.  It is now resting in a pile in the back corner.

It is The Missus and my 7th anniversary tomorrow. She remarked earlier that I didn’t have to knock the fence over to spend the day together off work. lol


This is a little quilted Christmas wall hanging I started yesterday. It is a Chook Shed design, which is a name I’m sure the Aussie quilters will be familiar with. It is called On Angels Wings. The background, border and angel’s dress fabric is all what I bought last week. I don’t think I’ve ever used any fabric so quickly after purchasing without a project in mind. Normally I don’t find it hard matching fabric with what is in my stash, but the bright fabric had me going through my whole stash before I found something I was happy with. The Missus reckoned it so busy it was like a Mexican Hat Dance. The background fabric is by Debbie Mumm. I’m a fan of her fabrics and I quite often do what I did here which is to buy fabric then discover it is hers afterwards.


I braved the storm this afternoon to visit Spotlight which had 20% off all items. I think I will need to spend some time fondling it to soothe my jangled nerves tonight. lol While we were watching Desperate Housewives The Missus commented that she knew something was wrong, as I was sitting rigid in the corner of the settee and did not have any kind of needle in my hand….The other clue was when I tried pouring tea through an upside down strainer! lol   

From left to right…. The green is Red Heart Eco-Ways recycled blend 70% acrylic and 30% recycled polyester…which I thought was recycled cotton. Pays to read the label! The vanilla (love that name) is also a Red Heart Eco-Ways recycled blend – 75% recycled cotton and 25% acrylic. All these will be made into face cloths so I can practise different knit stitches. It works really well…It doesn’t matter if I made a blue…The Missus and I both get a never ending supply of face cloths (hers will be green…fave colour, mine vanilla) and my knitting skills improve!

The last is Fiammone by Moda Vera (50% virgin wool and 50% acrylic). I love purple and this yarn intrigued me being fat and skinny. It will end up as a triangular garter stitch shawl.   (Unless Lestat has other plans for it….He was having a sneaky chew on it when he thought I wasn’t looking.)  I find knitting scarves and shawls in garter stitch soothing and relaxing….It is simple to do if I wake up in the night and calms my mind which helps me get back to sleep…..When I was a baby mum would give me a teaspoon of brandy to help me sleep….it didn’t work, butI still enjoy an occasional nip!


I have made some progress with the Trick Or Treat Fairy.  She decided she’d had enough time in the cupboard and decided to cooperate.  I started on the left, which is the opposite side of her skirt from where I was having problems and it is going fine.  It is stitching up quite quickly…now. 😉  I’d rather take the time to frog a section I’m not happy with than have it bug me forever.  I’m not a perfectionist, I just like to do the best I can.


Comments on: "Counting My Blessings…." (4)

  1. hope you have a calmer night tonight, the noise must have been rather unsettling, but at least it was relatively minor damage. Looks like you have the perfect answer to calm the nerves.

  2. Poo on Mother Nature this year anyway!

    TOT looks fab. I detest mistakes in my stitching. Teeny ones are OK but big ones insist on frogging.

    Hm? I might give that brandy a try…

    ***chheky grin***

  3. The christmas quilt is going to be SO adorable! And baaaad Lestat, chewing on your precious crafties! I had a kitty that ate the entire bottom of an angora dress I bought specifically for our honeymoon!! It was a beautiful, cream colored, sweater dress and so so soft. Yeah, it was HISTORY while slept and irretrievable, lol. I’m glad you didn’t have more damage from the fence falling–YIKES! And Happy Happy Anniversary to your and your Missus! Enjoy!

  4. Lori Grey said:

    Hope all is going well since the storm. Miss you ladies

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