Cross-stitch, quilting, craft….


As soon as I pulled the fabric out of the bag, Lestat was up on the table taking ownership.  He didn’t even budge when I took his photo….He usually runs when he sees the camera pointed even remotely in his direction.


These are the Christmas fabrics I spoke about yesterday….Neither gale force wind or sheep alert warnings could keep me away from the LQS today.  Although I did keep an eye out for flying sheep….one can never be too cautious!

The Missus and I couldn’t quite put our finger on what the variegation of the middle fabric reminded us of, until it dawned on us at pretty much the same time that it looks like singed fabric! lol


I couldn’t go past the packet of 10 fq’s for $20.  These are terrific value, as one fq usually costs $6 at a quilting shop.


This scarf is made of a couple of balls of eyelash and one ball of (variegated) ostrich yarn knitted together.  I needed a break from nothing but black on DS’ scarf.  I can go back to it next week quite happily now.  It is short and fits nicely at the front of my coat. 

the gap

 I’ve named it The Gap because the colour combination reminded me of a stormy day down at The Gap, Albany, here in Western Australia.  It is one of my favourite places…..especially on a stormy day.  When the waves hit they really boom and the freezing cold spray comes up in a fine mist.  It is breath taking to see and there is a split second just as a wave hits when the spume almost seems to frozen in time…..

The above piccie shows where my inspiration for the name comes from.  I will look for some more piccies which show The Gap soon.  I’m off to bed in five minutes, before I fall asleep and drop sideways off the chair!


It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it….Captain.

Unimaginative people may say it is the beginning of a new scarf…..but I see an undiscovered life form!


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  1. Andee in AZ said:

    Glad Lestat let his picture be taken. I have the opposite problem with my dogs, when the camera and a quilt comes out they are all trying to get IN the picture!
    I love the greens and one heck of a deal! Way to go.
    Cool scarves, I am crazily crocheting now too…knitting class in July! Can’t wait!

  2. The scarf looks great. Look forward to seeing what Lestat makes with that fabric

  3. Hahahaha YES, it does look like a tribble or something, lol. Have you seen the new Star Trek? AWESOMELY good I tell you! Your stuff is great–the fabby you got is so pretty-can’t wait to see what pretties you whip up with it!

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