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Head Down, Bum Up!


I will be head down, bum up no more thanks to this bag….when I am knitting at least!  I made it this weekend to hold yarn in while I knit.  I was spending a lot of time with my rear end waggling around in the air retrieving balls of yarn which had rolled under the settee.  I think there must be a minature black hole under there, as the tv remote ended up being sucked under there too the other night!  (Pity it doesn’t attract dust….we would never have to clean the house again!) 

The bag is big enough to hold a couple of balls of yarn at a time and small enough to tuck down between my leg and the side of the settee….plus  there is the added safetey factor of  it being harder for Lestat to get to!  The lack of handles was not intentional…..I realised I’d forgotten to add them after I had sewn both sides!  After giving the bag a test drive a few minutes ago, I decided that they would have been more of a hinderance than a help….So it is a sewing clutch instead.

The knitting is DS’s scarf….which will be ready at the end of the winter….but ready for the beginning of winter next year. 


I put some thin polyester wadding in the middle and added a “lollypop” flower to both sides of the bag to quilt it a little.   That was fun to quilt, as it was the first time I’ve every used zigzag on my machine….I’ve had it about seven years! lol  I used to do all my applique by hand using blanket stitch and since I can’t any more I thought it was about time I learnt how to use other stitches besides straight stitch on the machine! 

I went over it three times, as the stitching was wobbly, but am pleased with the result….It has a scrappy look.  I’ll be digging out my applique patterns (especially the Chook Shed ones) soon!  I like how something so simple as zig zagging around a couple of small circles can inspire me to make a whole quilt!

I thought I was biscornued out until I saw Alexandria’s Summer Butterfly Biscornu.  I am very tempted….The Trick Or Treat Fairy may find herself in coventry if she doesn’t buck her ideas up!  She has been warned!

I borrowed the marie claire book Breakfast from the library last week and decided I’d make something yummy to spoil The Missus with….Scrambled eggs and salmon on croissants.  The salmon is for me….The Missus doesn’t like it so requested hot salami instead. 

The ingredients are….eggs (local free range), pouring cream, unsalted butter, smoked salmon/salami, fresh herbs from the garden (depending on what I can find in the dark! lol) and croissants.  It sounds divine….and we will be eating a lot of fruit and veg over the next few days to get the balance back! lol

A while later….


The Missus likes her eggs omletted with Irish Breafast Tea on the side.


I like mine softly scrambled with a hot lemon cordial.

Both were delicious and will be staying on the “Spoiling The Missus Rotten” list….Just don’t ask me to do anything remotely active until at least tomorrow morning…I’m going to roll into the lounge for a bit of stitching on Gail Pan’s Christmas BOM.  Have a luverly crafty week and may the frogs leave you be!


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  1. Sounds like the frogs are quite happy staying with you, lol. I like the sewing/knitting clutch, very pretty fabric.
    Tugger discovered a new game today, chasing scissors as I’m trimming wadding back! At the last count he still had all paws and whiskers

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