Cross-stitch, quilting, craft….


I’ve never had a cactus flower in the winter before….I love the hot pink.  I think it is because we had such a hot autumn. 


A mug jumped into my hand last night at Spotlight and I couldn’t shake it loose until I’d paid for it! 


This is the yarn I purchased last night at Spotlight.  I’m putting it away until I’ve finished DS’s scarf…probably in about three months time as I am knitting a ball a week….I’m going to knit another garter stitch shawl (It is the same yarn as the first one….just a different colour), so I can have one clean and one in the wash.  The red one is never off my shoulders when I am home it is so cosy.  The yarn was half the price it was last year and only takes five balls….Lots of knitty fun for only $15 dollars!

Those are *coff* some of my craft books in the background.


Earlier today I’d been sorting fabric for the last side of the border for Holiday Morning, then turned my back for a minute to take a photo….and up hops Lestat.  He’d been peering out of the window watching pigeons when I called him so I could get his face in the photo….He thought he was in trouble….and came belting over for some fuss!  He is a big sook!

The new edition of Knitty is up….   YUM!

A priest has been booked….I’m having Trick Or Treat Fairy exorcised…..I’m frogging the same section for the third time!  Hopefully I’ll be able to post a piccie of some progress next weekend.

Bag Making Anonymous has a new member…..This arvo I started another bag….I’m sick of crawling around on my hands and knees when the ball of yarn rolls under the settee!  It will be just big enough to hold a couple of balls of yarn and tuck down the side of the settee (safely away from Lestat who thinks ALL knitting paraphernalia is there for him to play with).  It is the same pattern as a couple of posts ago.  It is a simple pattern and fun to make, so should be finished tomorrow.

A while ago The Missus and I saw the movie Inkheart and both enjoyed it.  I’m currently reading the book  the movie was based on (written by Cornelia Funke) and was pleasantly surprised to find a lovely quote which I intend making into a sampler.  The quote is….

Some books should be tasted

some devoured

but only a few

should be chewed and digested thoroughly.


Comments on: "A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That…." (2)

  1. Tugger would be hoping it was food! Hope you finally get to make some progress on your Trick or Treat, must be getting a little frustrating.

  2. How cool is that cactus flower!

    So sorry your WIP is plagued by frogs, that really puts one off doesn’t it?

    I’ve read Inkheart but I’ve not seen the movie as yet…

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