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Lazy Public Holiday


The first autumn bulb of the year.


The whole house has smelt of lavender since yesterday morning when I cut some and dried it in the food dryer.  Wonderful invention.  It dried in a couple of hours instead of weeks and stayed intact as Lestat couldn’t do any kamikaze cat manoeuvres to swing off it like he used to when it was hung from the curtain rods. 

I made the little sachets using one of Alexandrina’s lovely biscornu patterns and stuffed them with lavender.  Blue for mum, green for The Missus and purple for me.  I made a biscornu a while back using the same pattern.  It is the first time I’ve ever stitched a pattern more than once (I’ve been x-stitching for about 25 years), which shows how much I like the pattern.

I’ve just done a double take on the photo….those sachets are the same size….I turned the camera round to take the pic….I’m blaming it on Star Trek physics…..The kind of physics that changes the x-stitch pattern under your nose and stops your ball of yarn decreasing as you knit!

Something for the knitters to ponder……why does the yarn always roll UNDER the settee instead of away from it?

I’m off to make smoothies for lunch….banana, milk,  yoghurt, mixed berries, wheatgerm….mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!  Then I’m casting on a New Wave Tie from Share Ross’ book Punk Knits using Moda Vera’s Merinos Wool Acrylic in turquoise.   It is my contribution to Perpetual Yarn Dieters Shop-Your-Stash Knit Along Challenge.

 Have a wonderful week.


Comments on: "Lazy Public Holiday" (2)

  1. Love the smell of lavender, great way to use the pattern

  2. I just bought some fresh, homemade lavender sachets yesterday. I love your biscornu’s better though! What a grand idea!! Your stitching is lovely as always, and I admire your fortitude to stitch the same pattern multiple times.

    It is so strange to read about you anticipating Autumn, when it is gearing up for Summer here. .and more so , because I’m insanely jealous. Autumn is my favorite season! lol

    And please post some photos of your knitting project, whenever you have time!

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