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It’s been a productive crafty day with three finishes.  First is Oscar….The Scarf.  I gave all my scarves to the Good Sammies a short while back and it is supposedly going to be cold and rainy in the middle of the week….which meant I need a new (quick knit) scarf to cover the gap in the front of my coat.  After a quick rummage through my stash I found a couple of balls of ostrich yarn.  One green and the other green and brown.  I joined them together and after a couple of nights….Oscar was born!

This One

This is the bag I started a couple of weeks ago from the spring issue of Quilts and More.  It was simple to make and individualise.  All it used was a couple of fat quarters!  Even though it is small, it is roomy enough to hold a tin with my needles, scissors and needle threaders (remember when we could thread a needle WITHOUT one of these? lol)  plus embroidery threads and Gail Pan’s Christmas BOM block.

I can see myself making another one of these to keep small x-stitch project bits and pieces together.


There are cheap hand models around here….they work for a cup of tea! 😉  This is The Missus modelling one of her mittens (pre washing and blocking).  Even though the days are divine, there is a bit of a nip in the air when we go for our daily walk.  These will keep her hands toasty.

 These are a big improvement on the last pair I made….They both have thumb holes for one thing….and it is all rib!

 I’m curious to see if anything happens to the silk (the yellow flecks) when these are washed.  I wonder if it will bloom. 


Every year I get a Mother’s Day card from Lestat….This year he decided to have a change.  He organised a fly in / fly out raid by Nibbles on The Missus’ stash.  Then with the hermit crabs they got down to work…..Lestat batted the beads into position…Nibbles tied the knots (I was told Lestat had to keep a careful eye on him as he kept chewing on the cord with his rather sharp beak)….and the hermit crabs snipped.  The fish even got in on the act over the phone (they live in my classroom) and bubbled encouragement….I love it!  It makes me smile and feel loved every time I see it.


Comments on: "Doing The Finishing Happy Dance" (3)

  1. gawd you crack me up…..Oscar looks very warming indeedy……
    Hmm that bag looks mighty useful…and the colours are rad…
    oh my yep I am with you on the needle threader…..and them gloves well dang I’m sure one day I will need to be able to pop a pair on again..amazing how I miss the neccessities of cool weather at times,
    cheers Vickie

  2. Great sewing. You have been a busy girl. Love the bag !!!!

  3. Your bag turned out beautiful!–how’d I miss so many great posts? Awesome!

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