Cross-stitch, quilting, craft….


The basics.



Just a couple of hearts to cut out and applique….then the preparation will be done.


I haven’t quite got a handle on this section….it needs to be unpinned and something added.


I’m sure I said I wanted to get a handle on the situation and not in it!  It makes a change from what I usually do… the outside on the inside!


Lestat just doesn’t want to know…..

I’ve just noticed that I pinned the unsewn side to the sewn side….it is time to go read a book before anything else goes wrong!  I will be back with a post of the finished product sooooon!  Have a lovely week.


Comments on: "Today’s Project Is……..Any Guesses?" (3)

  1. ummmmmm ummmmmmmmm ermmmm ermmmmmm kkkerplunk drat i though too hard and me head fell off,goly I must be needing me afternoon siesta surely it can’t be that hard eh?

  2. Looks like another lovely bag—-I think I have that magazine floating around here too! Can’t wait to see it! Also, your Peaceful Forest turned out FABU! I love it.

  3. Finally getting caught up on my blogs and see you moved…I missed all your posts! I need to work on my knitting too! Kudos on the exercise stuff…that is on my list too!

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